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Dental Emergency Procedures in NYC

Have you lost a tooth during a game of basketball? Or are you in severe pain with signs of oral bleeding? An individual may encounter a severe dental problem outside normal office hours. When you are dealing with a dental emergency, you will likely need to visit an emergency room or an emergency dentist. At Dr. Alex Rubinov, we are the practice you can trust for a range of dental emergency procedures.

Dental Emergency Procedures Consultation

Dental Emergency Procedures Consultation

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Why You Need Dental Emergency Procedures?

There are times when certain dental issues require immediate attention. Emergency dental issues can have dire consequences and emergency care can help stabilize the diverse conditions and prevent further damage from occurring. Some injuries or accidents can affect your mouth by causing permanent tooth loss. If that happens, your ability to perform routine oral care and facial appearance will be affected. It is pertinent that we stop being complacent and treat every major dental issue on priority.

Areas Of Specialty

When it comes to dental emergency procedures, below are some of the areas that Dr. Alex Rubinov specializes in:

  • Avulsed Tooth

    An avulsed tooth refers to a tooth being knocked completely out of its socket. This emergency dental issue can happen during impact sports. Dentists can save an avulsed tooth by replanting it straight back into the socket. The tooth has to be fully sanitized and is clear of debris before it can be replanted back into the socket, If not, complications can arise.

  • Broken Tooth

    Although human teeth are remarkably strong, they can still break under extreme stress. While you may not feel pain when a tooth breaks initially, you can feel the sharp area quickly. As the tooth’s nerve endings are now exposed, the patient may experience extreme discomfort. Whether your old amalgam fillings or a serious fall was the cause of your broken tooth, we have got your back.

  • Toothache

    Depending on the severity of your toothache, you may find it challenging or difficult to eat or speak properly. No matter the cause, the pain from your toothache may become unbearable pretty quickly. You are recommended to see an emergency dentist as soon as you can.

  • Knocked Out Tooth

    When permanent teeth have been knocked out, the case is often considered as a serious dental emergency. You would not want to delay emergency care because it will only bring more harm to the tooth. A knocked out tooth should be replanted shortly after the incident. You can increase the chance of retaining the knocked out tooth for life.

  • Retainer & Braces Complications

    Some of the common retainer & braces complications include rapid jaw growth, root resorption, cavities, oral sores, change in teeth position, loosening brackets, retainer wires no longer staying in place, and more. If you are currently experiencing mild to severe discomfort when wearing a retainer or braces, you should always keep an eye out for complications.

  • Possible Broken Jaw

    A fall from a motorcycle accident, contact sports collisions, a punch/kick to the jaw, etc., can cause a facial fracture along the jawbone. When a possible broken jaw is present, one increases the risk of allowing minute fragments of the broken haw to pierce the gum or teeth getting dislodged from their initial positions. It is imperative that you consult with a dentist to stem the development of further infections of the face or jaw.

    If you feel that you have a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact our top-rated dentists at Dr. Alex Midtown NYC dental offices today!