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Retainer & Braces Complications in NYC

Retainers and braces are meant to straighten misaligned teeth. With a promise of a beautiful smile, patients will not have second thoughts about considering such treatments. However, there are instances when complications may arise from using retainers and braces too. Signs of complications may include a feeling of mild to severe discomfort.

Retainer & Braces Complications Consultation

Retainer & Braces Complications Consultation

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What are Retainer & Braces Complications?

Any dental procedure is not without risks. While the risk factor is often low, there does exist a chance of rare complications that could cause inconveniences and discomfort for a patient. There have been rare cases where orthodontic patients experience allergic reactions due to the latex rubber materials found in the elastics of braces. It is also possible for teeth to shift and move after one’s braces are removed. Other retainer & braces complications include gum disease, tooth decay, canker sores, soft tissue injuries, root resorption, cavities, decalcification, and ankylosis.

Why Get Retainer & Braces Complications Treatment?

Retainer and braces complications treatment will provide the following benefits:

  • Get rid of the discomfort

    Why suffer from the pain of wearing retainers when you can enjoy using them without any complications? All you need is to seek treatment from such complications.

  • Prevent complications from worsening

    The first signs of complications must be treated right away to prevent worse-case scenarios.

  • Recover speedily from the complication

    Treatments will help look into the complications while allowing you to recover from them fast.

The Process of Getting Retainer & Braces Complications Treatment

Retainer and braces complications treatment are not as complicated as anyone thinks. Dentists and their team will schedule regular retainer and braces checkup once the first signs of complications manifest on their patients. This is the best remedy to have a closer look at how patients react to these dental applications. From there, adjustments will be made in order to get rid of the discomfort and prevent complications from worsening. Prescription drugs will be recommended for severe complications.

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Retainer & Braces Complications Treatment In NYC

Dr. Alex  and its team of experts are not just known in the world of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. We are also recognized in restorative dentistry. With the best and latest technologies, we assure our patients that they will have the best services. We make it a point to check on your retainers and braces and pinpoint signs of complications. We make necessary adjustments as the case may be. Have those beaming smile on your faces as we take charge of treating any complication.

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