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Knocked Out Tooth

Dental emergencies come unexpectedly. Being familiar with these dental emergencies will help you prepare for several incidents that call for immediate attention. They come in various forms but all will require careful thought. One example is suffering from a knocked out tooth.

What Is Knocked Out Tooth?

Knocked out tooth is one of the most common dental emergencies. It can result when one engages with fights or in sports. You do not need to be worried in case this happens to you because knocked out tooth can be re-implanted after considering certain conditions. The sooner you seek medical attention for this problem the higher the chances of retaining the knocked out tooth for life. Seeing a dentist right away is definitely required if you are facing an emergency like this.

Why Get Knocked Out Tooth Treatment?

Seeking help from a dentist to get knock out tooth treatment will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Save the knocked out tooth right away

    Treatment can help retain the knocked out tooth for life as long as you see the dentist right away.

  • Relieve yourself of pain

    A knocked out tooth can be painful but that pain can be relieved once you see an expert.

  • Save you tooth from further damage

    Delays will only damage your tooth even more.

The Process of Getting Knocked Out Tooth Treatment

Dentists and their team will begin the treatment process by flushing debris using cold water from the socket. They will attempt to slip the tooth back into its original place. The knocked out tooth will be splinted to the neighboring teeth using a composite material or a soft wire. This will hold the knocked out tooth in place. Depending on the situation, a root canal surgery may also be performed. The dentist will then remind you to visit him in three months’ time to reexamine the tooth.

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Knocked Out Tooth Treatment In NYC

Dr. Alex team of professionals is highly trained in the world of restorative dentistry. We make use of state of the art technologies to help diagnose your existing condition. We only recommend the best treatment suited for your case. We recognize that a patient’s condition can vary from those of others. Committed to serve you best, you can count on us to help provide you the best possible knocked out tooth treatment.

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