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Broken Tooth in Midtown NYC

Broken Tooth

What Is A Broken Tooth?

A broken tooth may not be painful from the start. However, it may begin to hurt when the patient starts to chew food. The chewing motion may have applied pressure on the broken tooth. When it is broken, it tends to become more sensitive since the inner nerves may have been damaged during the breakage. Exposing one’s nerve endings to elements such as cold or hot drinks, food, or even air can be quite painful, distressing, and worsens the rate of tooth decay. If you have broken a tooth, it is pertinent that you schedule an appointment to see your emergency dentist without delay.

Until you reach the dentist’s office, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly with clean, warm water; stop any bleeding with a piece of gauze or a tea bag; reduce swelling on cheek or lips with a cold pack; cover affected part of tooth with temporary dental cement; and/or take pain relievers.

Why Get Broken Tooth Treatment?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you need to seek treatment for your broken tooth as soon as possible:

  • Eliminate pain and sensitivity

    The break of a serious broken tooth may run all the way to the nerve. Exposed nerve endings cause the patient to feel a lot of pain and discomfort.

  • Restore speech

    Replacing broken tooth can benefit your speech and restore clarity.

  • Get natural looking tooth replacements

    With composite and porcelain dental crowns, nobody will know that you have replaced a broken tooth.

The Process of Getting Broken Tooth Treatment

If your tooth has been broken due to cavities, your dentist will evaluate if the issue has weakened the tooth from the inside out. If the damage is extensive, your dentist will safely extract the tooth. If you have been diagnosed with having a broken cusp, your dentist may repair the broken tooth with an onlay or crown. Dental crowns are designed to restore your tooth to normal function. You will be able to chew and eat properly, without the discomfort you may be experiencing now. If the break does deep enough to expose the tooth’s nerve, we will recommend a root canal treatment. It is imperative that we remove the exposed nerve so that you can fully recover.

Why Choose Dr. Alex
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We provide affordable and high-quality dentistry in a friendly, comfortable, and modern setting in New Jersey. Dr. Alex is dedicated to deliver next generation emergency dental care to our patients with continued investment in modern technology, customer experience, and specialist services.

If you need treatment and assistance for a broken tooth, do call Dr.Alex Midtown NYC dental offices now to arrange an appointment.

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