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Possible Broken Jaw in NYC

Dental emergencies may range from mild to severe. Among severe emergencies is a possible broken jaw which is a common type of facial fracture that can affect any part of the jawbone. Common causes include collision during contact sports, a punch to the jaw, accidental fall from a motorcycle, or hitting the dashboard during a car accident.

Possible Broken Jaw Consultation

Possible Broken Jaw Consultation

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What Is Possible Broken Jaw?

Possible broken jaw may dislodge teeth and at the worse, small fragments of the broken jaw may pierce onto the gum. Mild jaw fracture can result to temporary problems or complications too. These may resolve over time as long as you seek the right treatment. Seeing a doctor or dentist immediately can prevent development of further infections to the face and the jaw.

Why Get Possible Broken Jaw Treatment?

Getting treatment for possible broken jaw will result to the following benefits:

  • Prevent further infections

    With such a treatment, you never have to suffer severe complications on the jaw and your face.

  • Save money

    Seeing a dentist or doctor right away will save you the cost of further complications.

  • Relieve the area from pain

    Pain and discomfort can be relieved only if you ask help from experts.

The Process of Getting Possible Broken Jaw Treatment

Dentists will review your symptoms in order to determine the extent of the injury. You will also undergo an X-ray or a CT scan in order to make sure that you have a broken jaw. Once the possible broken jaw has been determined, repair will be made. Fine screws or metal plates will be used to realign the fractured pieces of bones. Antibiotics like penicillin and clindamycin will be prescribed by the doctor if there are bone fragments that have pierced into your skin or gum or in case some teeth were loosened. These antibiotics will reduce the risk of infection.

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Possible Broken Jaw Treatment In NYC

Dr. Alex  and its team of professionals rely on state of the art technologies that are known in the world of restorative dentistry. We make it a point that we recommend treatments only after doing an accurate diagnosis of the issue. We have various treatment methods for possible broken jaw and all other dental emergencies.

Want to be familiar with treatment methods used for possible broken jaw? Contact us today at Dr Alex Midtown NYC dental offices to know more!