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Toothache in NYC

Dental emergencies must be given immediate attention but since they are emergencies, you may not be able to be prepared when they come. While it requires attention and some thought, you can actually prepare for it by anticipating the possibilities before it happens. Save yourself from dental emergencies like toothache by knowing when and how to seek treatment from the condition.

Toothache Consultation

Toothache Consultation

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What Is Toothache?

Toothache comes with discomfort and this can range from mild to severe pain in the oral cavity. At its worst, this can cause problems with eating and speaking. It can be caused by a lot of factors including poor oral hygiene, and presence of cavities among others. Other causes of toothache may include major injuries around the jaw area, excessive teeth grinding known as bruxism, and sinus infection. Seeing a dentist for toothache treatment will be recommended right before the toothache becomes unbearable.

Why Get Toothache Treatment?

Getting toothache treatment can provide the following benefits:

  • Say goodbye to pain and discomfort

    A treatment is your best remedy to getting rid of the throbbing pain you are feeling.

  • Determine if there are any other problems with your teeth

    When you seek toothache treatment, the dentist can take a look at other probable problems in your teeth.

  • Save yourself from speech difficulties

    Do not wait for your toothache to worsen and affect your speech. Have it treated right away.

  • Enjoy eating your favorite food once more

    Get rid of the pain and you will be able to eat the foods that you have always loved.

The Process of Getting Toothache Treatment

Dentists and their team will start treatment only after the patient has completed an oral examination. This will help diagnose the cause of toothache as well as determine whether other procedures are necessary or not. In the diagnosis, you may either be recommended to undergo deep cleaning under the gum line or have dental fillings.

Severe cases of toothache will require a root canal procedure to help clean any infection or remove unhealthy pulp from the canals. Any tooth that is beyond repair will be extracted. In order to promote the healing process, antibiotics or pain medication may be recommended by your dentist.

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Why Choose Dr. Alex
Toothache Treatment In NYC

Dr. Alex  works with a team of experts who can carefully look into your situation before recommending any form of treatment. We use state of the art technology to help diagnose your toothache and its root cause. With an unwavering commitment to serve your needs best, we make it a point to provide treatments depending on your case.

Learn more about how your toothache can be treated. Contact us at Dr. Alex Midtown NYC dental offices now and we can diagnose the problem accordingly!