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Fun Children Oral Health Facts

Fun Children Oral Health Facts

Our bodies are complex machines that change constantly as we get older. In children, giving them facts about oral health from a young age can offer skills or instill interest to maintain a lifetime of good health. Parents need to encourage care and maintenance for their child’s gums and teeth from an early age to prevent them from experiencing health problems later in life. You can make learning about dentistry fun for your child by teaching them about fun facts related to their oral health care. Below are some top kids oral care tips that can help parents maintain good oral hygiene for their kids.

Put a Timer

Set a two-minute timer that will tell your child when to stop brushing. Try to encourage them to brush for the entire two minutes without pausing to make it more effective.

Make Brushing A Bonding Experience

Incorporate brushing together in the morning and at night into your routine. This makes your child look forward to spending time with you and bonding while brushing their teeth.

Personalize Your Child’s Dental Products

Kids react well to things that speak to their personality. For example, if your child likes superman, getting them a toothbrush with a sticker of their favorite movie character will encourage them to look forward to brushing.

Flavored Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Flavored mouthwash and toothpaste are the perfect products to encourage your child to brush their teeth on a daily basis. If you give your child something bitter, they will develop a negative attitude toward it. Therefore, choose a toothpaste that is sweet to make brushing more fun.

Offer a Small Reward for Brushing

If your child is not forthcoming with the idea of brushing, you can offer them a small reward to encourage them. Studies have shown that incentives trigger interest in doing something among children.

Fun Teeth Facts for Kids

  • The tooth enamel is the strongest bone in the entire human body – stronger than the bone located in the knee.
  • Teeth are like fingerprints and everyone has a different set. This is true even among identical twins.
  • The most expensive set of teeth belonged to Sir Isaac Newton. In the early 1800s, one tooth was sold for more than 3000 dollars in London.
  • Children in the prehistoric era did not suffer from tooth decay. Many have claimed it is because sugar was not a part of their diet.

Share these fun facts with your kids when they brush teeth next to make their experience more fun and enjoyable. As a parent, try to engage with your child during brushing. Children oftentimes imitate what the parent is doing meaning, they learn good dental health care practices from you. If you have any concerns about the best oral care for your child, consult with a certified dentist in your area.

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