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Important Dental Health Tips To Teach Your Child

Dental Health

Helping your child develop behavior that encourages healthy teeth sets them up for a life of great oral health. It is important to teach children not just the habits but also the reasons behind them. This way, the children are far more likely to sustain these healthy habits over the years. Here are some dental health tips that you can give your child good oral health.

Good Dental Health Habits: Lead By Example

Children like mimicking what adults do so there is no better way of teaching your children oral hygiene other than by example. This means that you should always brush your teeth regularly, floss, and follow other dental procedures. You can even make the process fun by doing these things together with your child. It helps to create great memories for the child and makes it likely that they will stick to these practices even when older.

Regular Dental Visits

Another important lesson to teach your children is the importance of regular dental visits. It is recommended that people should see their dentists at least twice a year These regular dental exams help to catch problems early and ensure a lifetime of healthy and strong teeth. It is important to choose a good family dentist so that children grow up without the fear of dentists.

Brushing Teeth

Another way that you can help children develop a habit of regularly brushing is to make it easy for them. One popular trick that parents use is to get their children to brush to their favorite songs in the morning and in the evening. Another trick is to pack a travel toothbrush in their school bags so they can brush after lunch or after taking a snack.

Good Diet

There is a big connection between what a child eats and the health of their teeth. For this reason, encourage your children to eat a well-balanced diet and to avoid sugary snacks. For example, teach your children to choose plain water over fizzy drinks as this will drastically reduce the risk of developing gum disease. Drinking water over sugary drinks will also protect them from becoming obese and developing other serious medical conditions. Even eating patterns matter. For example, research has established that eating a healthy breakfast is likely to lead to a reduced need to snack later in the day.

Teach Them What To Look Out For

As the children grow older, help them to understand the danger signs that they should be on the lookout for and what they mean. For example, bleeding gums during brushing can be an indicator of gum diseases. You can also teach children not to risk dental injuries by playing safe. This means never to poke sharp objects in their mouths or to bite on hard objects that may cause cracks in their teeth. Dr. Alex Rubinov is an experienced dental practitioner in New York. The practice offers a range of services including teeth whitening, smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics, to name but a few. Contact the team at (718) 253-0800 for an appointment.