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Is Professional Teeth Whitening The Right Option For You?

As human beings, appearance and looks can determine how people around you will treat you, your self-confidence when interacting with them and other social behaviors. Having stained teeth can lead to low self-esteem and anxiety when in a group. As such, many individuals with stained teeth opt for teeth whitening as a way of achieving that bright, perfect smile and regaining self-confidence. There are two ways you can get your teeth whitened, namely; at-home bleaching or whitening by a professional like a certified dentist. Both options help reduce staining significantly, however, many dental specialists recommend going to a professional if you want the safer and faster option. Below are some more reasons why you should get your teeth professionally whitened:

Free Dental Exam

One of the main reasons why it is advisable to get your teeth whitened by a dentist is because during the appointment, your dentist will not only whiten your teeth using non-invasive methods, but also will be able to thoroughly examine your teeth, clean your gums and get rid of any plaque that could cause problems later. This is essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Faster and Longer Lasting Results

Another reason why getting professional teeth whitening is better than at-home services is because it takes a shorter time to start seeing results. Dentists use a stronger peroxide solution combined with light or heat to intensify and fasten the whitening power of the solution. Most at-home products contain less amounts of peroxide compared to professional treatments and may produce the desired results. By using advanced techniques, some dentists can reduce the teeth whitening time from the typical several one-hour visits to a single two-hour visit.

Potential Risks Associated with At-Home Treatments

While at-home whitening methods are cheaper, one cannot ignore the fact that there are many risks associated with such treatments. Professional teeth whitening on the other hand minimizes risk as the dentist can carefully monitor the procedure to ensure nothing goes amiss. The problem with DIY treatments is that many patients don’t really know what they are doing or how the treatments are supposed to work. Therefore, they may end up causing further damage to their teeth and other problems like irritation of the gums.

There are pros and cons to both professional and at-home teeth whitening treatments. However, if you want the safer and more effective option, with longer-lasting results, it is recommended you seek professional teeth whitening services. Schedule an appointment with your dentist if you are not certain which method best suits your needs. He/she will explain in detail what each treatment option entails and help you make an informed decision.

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