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When To See A Dentist After An Invisalign Treatment?

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People who suffer from problems with teeth alignment know that there are plenty of cosmetic dentistry options to help them with the concern. Getting traditional braces have become popular, both for the right and wrong reasons. This procedure can help make the teeth look beautiful after some time, however, it can also require frequent visits to the orthodontist. While you seem like giving up because of the cons that come with the use of metal braces, you should know that there are other more cost-efficient options for you these days. One of which is the Invisalign treatment.

What is Invisalign?

Given that you have a reliable orthodontist who can attend to your needs, it is but unusual for a busy person like you to frequently visit him or her. Since you do not have the luxury of time to have the procedure done and followed up every now and then, especially with conventional braces, should you give up on getting your teeth aligned? You do not have to give up on it. Invisalign is the answer. This uses clear aligners to resolve your issues with misaligned teeth. Unlike traditional braces, you do not need to frequently visit your dentist to maximize the result of the treatment.

When Is the Right Time to See Your Invisalign Orthodontist?

The first visit to the dentist comes when you need to consult him or her regarding the treatment. This marks the start of the process. During this initial consultation, your orthodontist will capture 3D images of your teeth, which he or she will use in creating the custom treatment plan best suited for your situation. 

Take note that each Invisalign treatment plan is unique from one patient to another. This is the reason behind why the timing of your visits may vary too. Typically, however, it is recommended that you see your orthodontist once every four to six weeks.

Making Follow-Up Visits

Follow-up visits are important in making sure that your treatment works as planned. In the course of the treatment, you will receive aligners at least once every week or two. The successive set of aligners can help position your teeth properly so that they become aligned like you want to. Paying a visit to your orthodontist will allow him or her to see how the aligners are doing on you.

Other Reasons to See a Dentist During an Invisalign Treatment

Aside from prescribed follow-up appointments, you may also need to see your orthodontist for other reasons significant to the treatment. One of which is when you lost your set of clear aligners. Seeing the dentist in this regard will let him or her diagnose whether you need to replace the lost set or you can go on to the next set of invisible trays. 

It is also a wise idea to see your dental practitioner if you feel like you have not noticed any results from the treatment. Typically, results are noticeable after several weeks from the time your orthodontist placed your first aligners. Others may take a few months to notice results, though. In case you follow the recommended 20 to 22 hours per day for aligner usage and yet you have not seen results after several months, you need to see your dentist right away.