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Attaining That Flawless Hollywood Smile

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Have you ever flipped through a magazine and wondered how does celebrities look so good? It might be attributed to their distinct Hollywood smile, which is the idealistic set of pearly whites that they have. These smiles are characterized by a set of bright, gap-free and aligned set of pearly whites. In our day to day life, it is important for us to achieve this in order to present our best side of ourselves to the rest of the world. Without further ado, let us teach you some dental tips that would aid in the achievement of the long desired Hollywood smile.

Teeth Whitening

The treatment process of teeth whitening involves using bleaching gels that poses no damage to the enamel and allows one to obtain the fresh set of pearly whites. A large majority of patients are afraid of potential consequences of permanent mutilation of one’s enamel due to this process. However, this is just a myth and is far from the truth. This is because the enamel that protects our teeth is actually porous and forms a permeable layer that enables the active ingredients within the bleaching gels to penetrate and target undesirable stains beneath. Although this process is effective, it might be more suitable for patients with well-aligned teeth to achieve the Hollywood smile.

Dental Crowns

Many people suffer from damaged teeth such as a chipped or eaten away tooth due to an unavoidable accident. This often gives an uneven appearance of the teeth and might not make a good first impression. Dental crowns are the best remedies to this problem! Dental crowns are cap-like installations that are fitted on the top of damaged teeth. These structures can be made from many types of materials in the market, but zirconia is still the preferred material amongst dentists. In the event of a missing tooth, dental crowns can also be used to fill the gaps within the teeth. This is known as a dental bridge, whereby a set of crowns are interlinked with each other to attain your perfect smile!

Dental Implants

Dental implants involves a surgical procedure that enables a patient to replace his/her loss teeth. It involves a two-part process, whereby a titanium root would be fixed within the jaw bone of the patient and a crown would be affixed onto the titanium root. The crown can be made of numerous materials but the favorite choice amongst dentist is still zirconia. Although the price of this treatment is slightly more expensive than dental bridges, it remains popular due to its ability to effectively replace missing teeth and restore confidence in one’s smile.

Approach Your Dentist Today

In summary, due to the increasing expectations of society, it becomes more prevalent for one to achieve the Hollywood smile to be presentable when facing our friends and family. However, this can be easily achieved with new treatment methods! If you experience stained teeth, a teeth whitening sessions can easily be done without damaging your enamel. If you suffer from decayed teeth, dental crowns are an easily solution. If you have lost your teeth and want to regain your straight set of pearly whites, dental implants are easily available too! You can always discuss any concerns about obtaining the desired Hollywood smile with your dentist and they will give you their honest professional opinion. Consult Dr. Alex Rubinov, an experienced cosmetic dentist, for a truly professional opinion. Please call at (718) 253-0800 to make an appointment.