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What You Need To Know About Orthodontic Retainers

Most people who have had braces are quite familiar with dental retainers. Whenever one wishes to straighten their teeth, braces are first placed on their teeth. However, after the removal of the braces, there is no guarantee that the teeth will stay in place. This is actually the tricky part and that is why we need orthodontic retainers which are designed to hold the teeth in their new positions.

Types Of Dental Retainers

There are several ways to accomplish the maintenance of teeth in their new positions through the three main types of retainers. They include:

  • Hawley retainers

This is the vintage retainer characterized by the metal wire’s positioning at the front of the teeth. They are made of thick clear plastic thus making them relatively bulky. Moreover, due to the metal wire being exposed, they are not discreet in nature. As a result, they are avoided by most patients.

  • Fixed wire retainers

In this case, a fixed wire is bonded behind the consumer’s teeth making them very discreet. This has led to them being referred to as bonded retainers or permanent retainers. One does not need to worry about their comfort ability when using them since their sensation seems to disappear after a few days. Unfortunately, they suffer from one major drawback. They are unreliable as a standalone solution and are thus only used in conjunction with other retainers, especially the Essix retainers.

  • Essix retainers

They are the most commonly used retainers owing to the fact that they are light in weight and hence comfortable to put on. They are made of clear plastic and are often referred to as clear retainers. These retainers have two main merits over the other retainers. First, they can be take out during the day and then put back on at night. However, shortly after the removal of braces, one has to wear them both day and night before they can take them off. Additionally, they are made in our dental facilities and can be manufactured during the same day as the removal of the braces.

Essentials About Retainers

The following is additional information you need to know about orthodontic retainers before using them:

  • Retainers do not damage the teeth but just hold them in place. They do make flossing quite difficult, especially the fixed wire retainers but generally do not harm the teeth.
  • In some instances, permanent retainers might break or get loose from the teeth. This is quite normal, and one is advised to try holding them against the back of the teeth and put on the clear retainers. They are then advised to visit the clinic for re-bonding. You should, however, avoid pulling out the entire the wire since it would require a re-fitting during a scheduled appointment.
  • You should take good care of your retainers by regularly brushing every morning. Avoid using hot water since the plastic in the retainers may melt.

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