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Retainers & Aftercare in NYC

There are plenty of problems one can encounter with improperly aligned teeth and jaws. Apart from the fact that it gives a less pleasing appearance, it can also lead to tooth decay and a lot of other health issues later on. In order to prevent this from bugging you, it will be good to note that you can have retainers and aftercare services. These services are essential as part of the post-orthodontic treatment process since they are designed to prevent the teeth from reverting back to their previous condition.

Retainers & Aftercare Consultation

Retainers & Aftercare Consultation

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What Are Retainers & Aftercare?

Retainers and aftercare are part of the post-orthodontic treatment process. Dentists will recommend that their patients wear retainers once the teeth become straighter. Failure to do so after undergoing an orthodontic treatment will put the patient at a risk of relapse, which will lead to more problems later on, such as the increased possibility of teeth reverting to their previous condition. This will not just undermine all the hard work of the dentist who had religiously taken care of the patient’s teeth but will also mean more cost on the part of the patient because of the need to correct the issue.

Why Get Retainers & Aftercare?

Among the many benefits of retainers and aftercare, some of them include:

  • Allow orthodontic treatment results to last longer

    Without them, results from the entire orthodontic treatment may not last.

  • Enhance straighter teeth

    The orthodontic treatment is just part of the entire process of straightening the teeth. Retainers and aftercare will assure that the teeth will be straighter over the long term.

  • Boost self-confidence

    With straighter teeth, you can smile confidently at anyone, anytime.

  • Versatile

    With the different varieties available, it will be easier for a patient to get one that suits his or her specific needs.

  • Convenient

    There is no need to remove dentures that carry messy adhesives with them.

The Process of Getting Retainers & Aftercare

Orthodontists and their team will recommend the retainers and aftercare services. Knowing that each patient has individual needs, the plan will be based on the patient’s specific requirements. The patient is given a choice between removable and bonded retainers.

Removable retainers have to be worn regularly to enhance the effects of the orthodontic treatment. If the patient opts for the bonded type of retainers, the dentist will hide the retainers behind the front teeth and will strengthen them using a metal bar. Since bonded retainers are designed to be worn permanently, the chances of forgetting to wear them will be lower.

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Retainers & Aftercare In NYC

Dr. Alex is known for providing stellar dental services when it comes to retainers and aftercare. We are a leading NYC cosmetic dental practitioner that makes use of the latest and best equipment in the world of cosmetic dentistry. We always make it a point that our patients will end up with a smile on their faces after seeking treatment from us. We have an unwavering commitment to excellence and we assure our patients that they will be satisfied with our services at all times. With us, you can be sure that you will get the best services to meet your varying cosmetic dentistry needs, retainers and aftercare included.

Want to know more about our retainers and aftercare services and how such services can make your smile better? Contact us at Dr. Alex Midtown NYC dental offices to know more!