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What Causes Crowded Or Crooked Teeth?

Do you know anyone who is blessed with naturally straight teeth? Many individuals have at least one or two teeth that are out of perfect alignment. The rest of the world’s population? Well, most of us have crowded or crooked teeth. Fortunately, some cases of crooked teeth are preventable. If not, there are ways to treat the condition. It is important to achieve optimal alignment so that your teeth can operate in the most efficient manner.

Genetics is one of the factors that determine how our teeth look. They may also be a result of our choices when it comes to caring for our teeth. Let’s find out more about the common underlying causes for crowded and crooked teeth:

Common Causes of Crowded and Crooked Teeth

  • Small jaw

Just like having a large or narrow bite, a small jaw may just be inherent in one’s genes. If you have a small jaw, normal-sized adult teeth may be prevented from growing into the proper alignment.

  • Excess large teeth and/or adult teeth

Most adults have 32 teeth at the most. Aside from wisdom teeth, some individuals may develop or be born with extra teeth. In such cases, it may be too late for one’s adult teeth to grow in straight, even if the jaw continues to grow. If genetics dictate large teeth, there may just be insufficient space for all of those large teeth in the jaw.

  • Insufficient teeth

Some individuals may be born with insufficient teeth. If there are gaps within one’s jaw, the issue can cause other teeth to be pushed out of alignment. This happens because there is more room to roam.

  • Early loss of baby teeth

A baby tooth should fall out just before the adult tooth becomes ready to grow in. If everything goes according to plan, the adult tooth should grow into the right position. However, some individuals lose their baby teeth way before their adult teeth are completely ready to grow in. If the adult teeth drift in the gums, they may not end up into the proper spots.

  • Bad habits

You have done it before. By repeatedly pressing the tongue against the teeth, one can move the teeth, especially in the early years. Your tongue is one of the strongest and most active organs in the body. You can push your teeth out of alignment when they are just growing in. Sucking one’s thumb is also a common bad habit among young children. Sucking on the thumb for hours a day can pull your teeth forward, causing buck teeth.

Is Crowded or Crooked Teeth a Bad Thing?

Crowded or crooked teeth are seen primarily as a cosmetic problem. However, misalignment can also lead to a myriad of problems, e.g. problems with chewing (that tooth that sticks out awkwardly may get chipped when you bite on something hard such as an olive seed), keeping them clean, etc. Crooked teeth can trap food particles and other minute debris, making hard for one to clean. These issues eventually lead to the formation of caries. Aside from affecting your mouth’s overall health, it can take a toll on your jaw joint as well.

How to Treat Crowded or Crooked Teeth

A common treatment for crowded and crooked teeth is dental braces. This is a tried and true dental solution. It is by far the most effective and popular method for most patients. Today, braces can be personalized to help those with severe misalignments. If you do not want to put on obvious-looking metal braces, the next best alternative is Invisalign. This refers to a series of plastic retainers or trays. They are designed to gradually move the teeth to the desired alignment. You should note that Invisalign is not ideal for serious problems, but more for making minor adjustments to crooked teeth.

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