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Top Tips For Maintaining The Results From Teeth Whitening

maintaining teeth whitening results

Teeth whitening are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures available on the market today. This is because it allows you to improve your teeth and smile affordably without needing to eliminate the natural surface of the teeth. However, many have questions regarding how long the whitening will last, and how to maintain it.

How Long Does Whitened Teeth Last?

It varies, depending on the person and their eating, drinking and oral hygiene habits. For example, someone who brushes and flosses their teeth daily, after each meal, and who stays away from caffeine and sugary foods and who gets their teeth professionally cleaned twice a year can go months or perhaps even years without needing to have their teeth whitened. On the other hand, an individual that drinks lots of coffee, tea or red wine, or who eats lots of sweet foods, and who doesn’t brush or get their teeth professionally cleaned that often will need to undergo whitening far more frequently.

How White Does My Teeth Become?

The brightness that your teeth will acquire from this procedure is determined by multiple factors. Generally speaking, teeth should become between three and six shades brighter. However, teeth that have a grey undertone will not achieve the same brightness as teeth which are yellow. The effectiveness will also depend on the whitening agent that is used, which in most cases will be hydrogen peroxide.

How To Keep Your Teeth White For As Long As Possible

Reduce your intake of foods and drinks which are known to stain teeth. Examples include wine or juice which is heavily pigmented, and soy sauce and spices such as turmeric. Tea or coffee should be consumed less frequently, as they consist of tannins which will stain your teeth. Many people love their tea and coffee and will be reluctant to lower their intake, so a simple solution is to use a straw, that way you get to enjoy your beverage of choice when you want to, while preventing your teeth from becoming discolored.

After each meal, rinse or brush your teeth, but wait about twenty minutes so that you don’t scratch the surface enamel of your teeth due to the bacterial acid which will be present. Additionally, stay away from toothpastes or toothbrushes which are abrasive, as they will damage the protective coating of your teeth. Those who love cheese will be pleased to learn that when eaten it will protect the teeth from foods which would normally stain it, so should always be eaten first.

Develop the habit of reading food labels. Not only does it tell you what calories, fat, salt and sugar are present, but also shows colorants that you might want to avoid. Finally, whitening products vary in quality. You should do extensive research on any whitening kits you want to buy to make sure they are manufactured with ingredients and processes that are safe for your teeth and gums.