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Does Tooth Sensitivity Disqualify You From Teeth Whitening?

For people who want to have brighter-looking smile, teeth whitening treatment is a great option.  However, many of those who have sensitive teeth are afraid to undergo teeth whitening procedures. The apprehension is mostly caused by the fear of experiencing too much pain in the course of the treatment. Teeth sensitivity causes a lot of pain and discomfort especially when exposed to some pressure during and after a dental procedure. But, did you know that you can still have your teeth whitened even if they are sensitive?

During a Teeth Whitening Procedure

A tooth whitening treatment typically involves the use of bleaching gels and other chemicals that contain carbamide peroxide to make the teeth several shades brighter. During treatment, the bleaching agent causes the teeth to become dehydrated thereby making them sensitive. For people who already have sensitive teeth even before the procedure, this can be a huge struggle.

As peroxide-containing products are generally abrasive and can cause teeth sensitivity and gum irritation, what can people with sensitive teeth do?

Teeth Whitening Options

You know you are in the hands of an expert dentist when he or she does not insist on this treatment alone. There are other procedures where the teeth and smile look brighter. If you want to totally avoid bleaching, a professional cleaning can help remove unwanted surface stains. The dentist may also apply polishing agents to aid in removing discoloration.

There are also cosmetic and other dentistry procedures that can help improve the appearance of your teeth to achieve that ideal, healthy smile. Depending on the condition of the teeth, you may have dental caps, Lumineers, or even full mouth rehabilitation. All of these procedures can make your teeth look whiter, healthier, and more stunning than ever.

Choose the Right Dental Expert

Having sensitive teeth should never be a reason not to have a perfect smile. What you need is to choose a dental expert who knows how to deal with patients who have sensitive teeth. It is important that you choose your dentist well because not all of them are using ADA-recommended products.  A great example is for whitening procedures. An expert dentist will examine your teeth and determine which of the available options can be performed and which products can be used on you.

Although the effects of bleaching agents are unpleasant, there are bleaching gels that are well-buffered. This means that they do not cause as much pain as other bleaching agents. You may also be given products that can help strengthen your teeth or have you undergo other treatments that will aid in teeth sensitivity.

A Bright Future Awaits You

Sensitive teeth should not be a reason not to opt for teeth whitening procedures. With the best dentist and appropriate products, you too can have dazzling, white teeth.

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