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Important Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Invisalign Trays

In the past, getting braces was more or less a sentence for many people since they were not aesthetically pleasing. With the development of Invisalign braces, this has changed this perspective by leaps and bounds. Using Invisalign dentures means that you can have your teeth straightened without having to worry about how this makes your smile look. For the best effect, you should also be familiar on how to clean the Invisalign trays as well. These are some of the important do’s and don’ts that you should particularly pay attention to.

Do Take the Trays Out and Clean Them Every Morning

It can be tempting to brush your teeth every morning while the Invisalign braces are still in place, particularly if you are always in a rush in the morning. Remember that during sleep, bacteria proliferate in the mouth, which is a natural phenomenon. When you have braces on, they can lodge between the surface of your teeth and the Invisalign trays. These can be difficult to get rid of by simply brushing your teeth every day without removing them. In the end, you may get cavities, infections and other dental problems. It is advisable to remove the braces, then wash your teeth, clean the braces and then put them back on every morning. This will assure you that your mouth will be free of any germs throughout the day. This also helps in preventing them from staining.

Do Soak Your Aligners Once a Day

Aligners can be a source of bad mouth odor especially when food debris sticks to them and bacteria start to metabolize them. Avoiding this is as simple as soaking the aligners in Invisalign crystals or other specialized cleaning fluid that you can get from your dentist. Once soaked for some time, you can use a dedicated toothbrush to clean them so as to remove any remaining debris. This toothbrush should not be used for your teeth or any other purpose.  

Don’t Leave Your Braces Out in the Open

If you have to remove your aligners and braces for a long time, don’t leave them in the open for too long. If you get the Invisalign braces from a reliable dentist such as Dr Alex, you will also be given a number of accessories including a carrying case. You are advised to put your braces and aligners in this case when you have taken them out and don’t intend to put them back in for some time. This reduces the chances of bacterial overgrowth on the braces as well as the loss of parts such as the aligners.

Don’t Use Colored Cleaners for your Invisalign Trays

Some colored toothpastes and soaps are not ideal for cleaning Invisalign trays because they will stain them. You can get a specialized cleaning fluid from your dentist, specifically made to increase the lifespan of Invisalign braces and to make them function properly. This is why you are encouraged to only get them from an Invisalign provider with a high designation, such as Dr Alex.

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