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Preventing Stains on Your Invisalign Trays

Invisalign treatment procedure is an effective technique of aligning teeth to give you that perfect smile. Invisalign trays are made of a clear and hard plastic that is inserted over the teeth. The trays are designed to help shift teeth into position and over time, help align the teeth perfectly. Invisalign is a popular method of aligning teeth as the clear plastic trays are not visible and so are aesthetically more pleasing than the traditional metal braces. If one is not careful, however, it is possible for the trays to become stained. Here are the things that can stain your Invisalign trays and how to prevent stains on your Invisalign trays.

What Causes Stains on Invisalign

There are many things that can cause your Invisalign trays to stain. These include certain drinks such as dark sodas, wines, and many others. It is recommended that a person wearing Invisalign trays remove them when eating. Sometimes however it is not possible as some of these drinks might be consumed during work functions and other similar places. If this happens over a long time, it is possible for the color pigments of these beverages to fuse into the plastic and stain the trays. The other possible cause for staining is the building up of tartar and food debris on your trays. This food debris, in turn, traps the coloring elements of the food and drinks that you take and can change the color of your Invisalign trays. Here then is how you can prevent this from happening.

Drink Water

If you are in a family or work function where you are unable to remove your Invisalign, stick to drinking water. Water has no coloring agents and has no acid so it has no effect whatsoever on your Invisalign trays. In any case, water is one of the healthiest beverages that you can take and is great for your oral health among other things.

Remove the Trays When Eating

As intimated in the preceding paragraphs, avoid taking food and drinks when wearing Invisalign trays. One of the advantages of Invisalign is that the trays can easily be removed and put back into position. After you are done eating, brush and floss your teeth before putting the trays back on again. This ensures that all food and drink remnants are removed from your teeth and don’t harm your teeth or the Invisalign trays.

Clean Your Trays

When you are getting your Invisalign trays, your dentist is likely to recommend certain cleaning agents that you can use to clean the trays. You can also gently brush them with a soft brush to remove any build-up that may be on them. Dr. Alex Rubinov is one of the leading Invisalign specialists in New York City. Dr. Rubinov has years of experience helping patients get the perfect smile through the Invisalign treatment process. Contact his practice at (718) 253-0800 for an appointment.

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