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When Do We Need To Pay The Dentist A Visit?


Has it ever occurred to you how important your smile is? Think about it for a second. It is the bread and butter to some of the world’s highest paid models. Without their smile, they wouldn’t be popular. This fun fact alone is enough to leave you wondering how some people get picture perfect smiles. The answer is simple. They take their oral health and hygiene very seriously.This means they see their dentists regularly. So how often should you see your dentist? Read on to learn more.

Tooth Decay/Cavities

In simple terms, cavities are areas in or around the surface of a tooth that have been permanently damaged. More often than not, they result in tiny holes. It is a common dental problem that affects infants and adults alike. This is strange given that the problem is preventable. You only need to prevent plaque from foods that are high in starch or sugar content settling on the surface of your teeth. This means brushing your teeth regularly. It also means scheduling an appointment with your dentist at least twice a year. Remember that bacteria found inside your moth thrives on start and sugar. As they feed on sugar and starch, your enamel, which is the protective coat of your teeth begins to erode. Before you know it, you need fillings because you suffer from tooth decay.

Gum Disease

It stands out as one of the most prevalent dental diseases in adults. It features three developing stages which start from gingivitis. Note that gingivitis is treatable and reversible for those who seek timely treatment. Leaving it untreated causes periodontal disease which is both painful and hard to treat. Periodontal disease can also mutate into stage three of gum disease referred to as by dentists as advanced periodontal disease. By the time this happens, you will have lost a tooth.

Fortunately for gum disease, symptoms usually abound. This means you can schedule an appointment with your dentist before it is too late. Common symptoms include bleeding gums, pus development, bad breath loose teeth and swollen or tender gums.

Bad Breath

Dentists refer to bad breath as halitosis. It is of course, an embarrassing condition which fortunately, can be treated. Just like tooth decay, it affects adults and infants in equal measure. But as much as people think halitosis is common, it is usually a red flag and a sign serious underlying dental problems. That explains why bad breath is one of the most common signs of cavities, gum disease and in some cases, oral cancer.

Don’t fret just yet if you have bad cancer. Some foods have also been proven to cause bad breath. This does not mean though that you can self-diagnose and blame bad breath on whatever you eat or drink. See your dentist right away to find out why you have bad breath.

Dry Mouth

Dentists and other medical experts refer to the dry mouth condition as xerostomia. It is a condition where salivary glands fail to secrete enough saliva to keep the mouth moist. The condition is more prevalent among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. It can also crop up on its own as dental problem, which is why you need to see a dentist immediately you notice your mouth stays dry for hours.