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Common Cosmetic Dentistry Myths That You Should Never Believe

Cosmetic Dentistry

In the past, cosmetic dentistry was not considered by most people due to the high cost and accessibility of the procedure in most areas. Today, it is an affordable solution to those who want to improve their smile and the health of their teeth. Below, we will share with you the truth behind cosmetic dentistry myths and reveal the misconceptions among individuals.

Aesthetic Appearance

Many believe that cosmetic dentistry focuses only on the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and smile, however, it can improve the overall function and health of your teeth as well. Some of these procedures can enable gaps in the teeth to be closed or filled up to prevent bacteria or plague from forming. Such cosmetic dental treatment will not only ensure that your teeth stay healthy without decaying but also helps in preserving your natural teeth. 

Cosmetic Dentistry is Expensive

One of the cosmetic dentistry myths is that people will relate these treatments as a luxury in the past. Thanks to the technological advancement in science and new materials being invented, cosmetic treatment is more affordable than ever. With a variety of dental clinics offering financing and payment, clients can now secure their cosmetic treatment according to their budget.

In most cases, dental insurance can also cover some of the costs during the process of restorative cosmetic dentistry such as dental veneers, implants, or crown. Before setting up an appointment, you should, however, check with your insurance policy carefully.

Unnecessary Pain from Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

To most patients or individuals who have undergone dental treatments, they will naturally associate all types of dental treatment with pain. Due to this concern, most would avoid regular check-ups, let alone cosmetic dentistry. The use of sedation, anesthetic, and technological advances being used in today’s dental treatment greatly reduces discomfort in a patient. The techniques used in all sorts of dental procedures are straightforward, which will not result in any sort of unnecessary pain. 

False Look

Unnatural and false-looking teeth are a thing in the past. Innovation and medical advancement have led to dental treatment to be more improved, efficient, and natural-looking. Cosmetic dentistry that involves treatment such as crowns, implants, and veneers are completely customizable according to your teeth. This is to ensure that the restoration treatment is discreet and unrecognizable, resulting in a natural overall look.

DIY Treatment

Many would think that having over the counter or commercial products can provide the same clinic results. When it comes to teeth whitening and other forms of dental treatments, anything less than professional-grade treatment will not necessarily provide equal results. Having quality treatment in clinics will ensure a more consistent and longer-lasting result than cheaper alternatives. You can even achieve a healthier set of teeth by listening to pieces of advice given by the dentist.   Now that we have debunked the cosmetic dentistry myths and you are aware of the tons of benefits that cosmetic dentistry can provide you with, be sure to schedule an appointment with us and have your teeth checked!