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Do Children Need Fluoride Therapy?

Fluoride Therapy

It is common knowledge that the fluoride nutrient is vital to the health of one’s teeth as it facilitates the strengthening and development of teeth which provides for picture-perfect smiles. It is therefore important especially for children who still have deciduous teeth. In some instances, such as tooth decay, fluoride needs to be supplemented to a patient in order to boost the health of their teeth. This is where fluoride therapy, also known as oral therapy, comes in to play! One should, however, not only consider its merits before using it but also factor in the optimum time at which this treatment is most suitable.

What is Fluoride?

This is a mineral substance that when in contact with the teeth’s enamel, adheres to it strengthening the teeth. Since enamel is porous, fluoride can easily penetrate and replace the weaker hydroxyl molecule hence make the teeth stronger.

The Procedure

First, a thin film of fluoride is applied over the teeth and allowed to settle for at least 30 minutes before one is allowed to ingest anything. At times, a certified dentist may prescribe fluoride supplements to patients who need them and the therapy can be applied during any six month dental appointment. Additionally, fluoride toothpastes are also recommended since they strengthen the teeth daily. Furthermore, for those suffering from chronic tooth decay and severe dental sensitivity, fluoride tooth gel is prescribed for them to take home.

What Are Some Of Its Benefits?

Below are some of the advantages of using fluoride therapy:

  • Helps prevent teeth damage

Due to substances we constantly intake, the teeth’s enamel is always being invaded by oral bacteria which produce acidic plaque. This tends to weaken the teeth and as a result, cause damage to the enamel. Fortunately, this effect can be mitigated by toothpastes containing fluoride and other fluoride treatments.

  • Strengthens the teeth

When fluoride molecules bond to the enamel, they dislodge hydroxyl molecules in the teeth. This strengthens the teeth since hydroxyl molecules are significantly weaker than fluoride molecules.

The Best Candidates

Even though fluoride therapy is very beneficial, it does not produce the best results for everyone who uses it. Here are the best types of patients for this type of dental treatment:

  • Children who already have permanent teeth or those who are still growing them need fluoride therapy to help maintain and promote their oral health. This becomes more essential when these children have deficiencies in fluoride due to inadequate fluoride in the water they drink.
  • Those who suffer from tooth decay are recommended to undertake the oral therapy so as to better their oral health.
  • Patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity should also consider taking the fluoride treatment since it aids in reducing dental sensitivity.

The Expert’s Input

Dr. Alex specializes in a wide range of dental services which improve the oral health of his patients, giving them that glamour smile. The dental treatment plans offered not only include preventive options such as oral therapy but also curative options. For those who are looking to improve or maintain a high degree of oral health, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Alex today.