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Consider Getting A Smile Makeover In Spring

Spring is a wonderful time for getting a smile makeover. This is because people return to school and work after enjoying the holidays, and it marks the first season of the New Year. This should be a time for optimism, and showcasing a new smile is the best way to manifest it.

Teeth Straightening

This is one of the most popular dental improvements available. Many people have crooked teeth, and aren’t thrilled about it. Many adults and seniors feel that they’re too old to receive orthodontic care, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Teeth straightening aren’t just for children and teenagers; individuals of all ages can benefit from receiving it. While classical metal braces are still available, those that want to straighten their teeth with greater comfort, discretion and care will benefit from Invisalign.

Invisalign has numerous advantages over braces. It is more hygienic due to the fact that the trays can be removed before eating, something that is not possible with braces. Invisalign is also said to work faster, and because the trays are transparent when worn it is difficult for others to detect them visually, whereas braces are easy for everyone to see and many find them to be unattractive.

Teeth Whitening

Ideally, teeth should display a pearly white color. However, the teeth of many people are discolored, brown or yellow. There are a number of things which can cause this, such as smoking or drinking coffee, tea, wine or eating certain foods. Dentists have developed a number of ways to eradicate stains and discoloration, giving your teeth that sparkling white color that nature designed them to have. The benefits of receiving this treatment are many. First, it is non-invasive, and unlike other dental procedures does not require surgery. Second, it is fast. Teeth whitening can usually be completed between forty five and sixty minutes. Third, teeth whitening are affordable. Whereas many advanced dental procedures cost thousands of dollars, teeth can often be whitened for a fraction of that amount.

Concealing Dental Issues

Two dental procedures which are less common than whitening or straightening, but just as important, are contouring or bonding. These procedures are essential as they are designed to enhance your smile through covering up minor dental flaws that don’t require major operations. To accomplish this, resin material is created which is visually in alignment with the teeth, and then is used as a bonding which will fill up the gaps, dents, dips and chips so that your smile becomes attractive. It is the best, most affordable treatment for repairing teeth which are either rough or uneven.

A strong connection has been found between good dental health and general health. Those that have dental problems are more likely to develop issues in other parts of their body. Furthermore, cosmetic dentistry is sought after because one’s face, mouth and smile are one of the first thing’s people will notice when meeting you, and while it has been said that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the fact of the matter is that almost everyone does.

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