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What Can Be Done For A Smile Makeover?

A smile says a lot about a person. It speaks to their willingness to relax and enjoy life, their confidence, their understanding of the situation at hand, and so much more. When you are reluctant to smile, people may begin to wonder why. They’re likely to get the wrong idea about you. It could be that you are simply ashamed of your teeth. But there’s no need to walk around hiding what could be a beautiful, vibrant smile. With smile makeovers, dentists use the latest technology to give you a smile of which you can be proud.

If you think that a smile makeover won’t drastically change the way you look for the better, check out these before and after photos.

Why People Get Smile Makeovers

Smile makeovers can be simple or complicated, or even something in between. It all depends on the reason for the smile makeover, the individual, and the orthodontist or dentist performing the procedures. Today, people get smile makeovers for number of reasons. Here are some of the most common:

  • Worn down teeth (teeth that are too short because of wearing)
  • An incorrect bite
  • Missing teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Yellow teeth

Smile Makeover Methods

To complete a smile makeover, there are a number of enhancements that can be used either alone or in combination. They are as follows:

TMJ Therapy — This procedure allows the recipient to once again feel whole and healthy. It can assist in alleviating the pain associated with TMJ Syndrome. An affliction that affects your temporomandibular joint, causing pain, TMJ syndrome can be attributed to gum chewing, arthritis, stress, poor posture, teeth grinding, jaw or teeth misalignment, or a jaw or tooth injury.

Full Mouth Enhancement — Full function of your teeth can be restored, and their appearance greatly improved through this method.

Gum Therapy — Gum tissue health is crucial, not only for a healthy smile but a healthy body. Gum disease can lead to far greater health concerns down the line. This method improves the health of gum tissues and can remove stains.

Teeth Whitening — With this procedure, your smile can be bright, white, and dazzling instead of yellow and stained.

Invisalign — Rather than the old method of railroad track-type braces, the straightening of teeth can now be done with clear, easy to use, see-through aligners.

Implants — When teeth or a tooth go missing, a replacement can be custom crafted to match your other teeth.

Crowns — A tooth’s entire surface is enclosed and concealed by a full porcelain covering.

Veneers — Once again, this involves porcelain coverings but, rather than encasing the entire tooth, only the teeth’s front surface is involved.

After a smile makeover by Dr. Alex Rubinov, you will wonder why you waited so long to make the decision. You can look younger, feel more confident, and once again enjoy a good joke without feeling the need to hide your smile. For an appointment or consultation, contact us today.

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