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Coming To Terms With Tooth Extraction Pain

Any kind of trauma or invasion of any part of your body will produce pain. Some things will cause more pain than others. Having a tooth extracted is no exception. If you did not suffer any kind of pain after a tooth extraction, then there may be something more serious to worry about! So, what can you do to minimize the pain?

Pain Is Not Only Subjective

Everyone feels pain to differing degrees, but the amount of pain you feel after a tooth extraction procedure will very much depend on the issue with the extracted tooth. For example, if there is extensive damage to the tissues due to a difficult extraction, then you will feel more after-effects than if there was very little damage during the removal process.

More Infections Means More Pain

If you have put off going to the dentist even though you have been in pain or know there is an issue with your teeth, then the amount of infection will have increased substantially by the time you let a dentist take a look. This will impact your gums and the tissues will swell due to the infection. Not only that, your dental bone may have become brittle. Of course, your dental surgeon will take as much care as possible to try to minimize the pain, but if you get treatment early, you are more likely to avoid pain than leaving it until it is too painful to deal with any other way than extraction. You will be given antibiotics and can take some pain relief, but you will still be left with some pain.

How To Reduce Pain After Tooth Extraction

During a tooth extraction procedure, you will be given either a local anesthetic or a general anesthetic. The more common approach is a local anesthetic. This will ensure you do not feel pain during the extraction of the tooth itself. If a dentist removes the tooth gently, then that will reduce the amount of pain you feel afterwards. You should refrain from eating or drinking hot or very cold foods or liquids as the area where the tooth has been extracted will be very sensitive and no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to stop liquid leaking into the area. You could try using a warm compress against the side of your face as this can also help relieve the pain. Avoid chewy foods for the first 24 hours as your jaw is likely to be not as effective as usual and the heavy chewing action may contribute to the pain.

Pain Relief

If you are in pain, then you can take some over the counter pain relief medications to help the pain subside. You will only need to take these for up to 72 hours, but more usually you will only need it for the first 24 hours following the tooth extraction procedure. If you still have pain after three days, then you should return to your dentist, so they can see if there is anything else going on.

You should consult an experienced dental surgeon, such as Dr. Alex Rubinov, as tooth extraction needs careful handling to ensure you suffer the minimum amount of distress and pain as possible. Contact us at (718) 253-0800 to schedule an appointment.

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