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Care For Your Teeth With These Daily Habits

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As the pace of life picks up and gets more hectic, it becomes a habit to shift oral care to the bottom of our priorities. However, you should always keep in mind that a radiant smile starts off with a dedicated daily oral hygiene routine. It would not take more than a few minutes of your day and will allow you to save on the unnecessary pain and expenses of toothaches and dental treatment processes in the future. So what are these simple daily habits that we can incorporate into our daily life to better care for your teeth? Read on to find out more!

Brush Your Teeth

Do not underestimate the power of a simple toothbrush as brushing your teeth enables you to remove unwanted plaque and bacteria from your teeth, preventing bad breath and tooth decay from occurring. You should brush twice a day, once when you wake up in the morning and once in the evening before you head to bed is actually one of the most important ways to maintain a good dental health. For each brushing session, ensure that you brush your teeth at an angle of 45 degrees and thoroughly by spending at least 1 minute on each half of your mouth. Also, replace your toothbrush every quarter of a year to ensure the bristles are not frayed.


Many of us actually underestimate the benefits brought about by flossing and think that one can maintain a good dental health simply by brushing your teeth. However, there are certain areas especially in between the teeth and around the gums where the bristles of the toothbrush are out of reach. Hence, flossing provides an important technique of removing the buildup of plaque in these hard-to-reach areas. If plaque is not removed, it can harden to form tartar, which would require a trip to the dentist to remove it.

Using Mouthwash

By rinsing your mouth thoroughly with mouthwash for half a minute, it complements our brushing and flossing efforts as the active ingredients eliminates any bacteria left behind in the mouth. Depending on your gums sensitivity and the condition of your mouth, your dentist would recommend a mouthwash suitable for your needs.

Clean Your Tongue

Many of us only pay attention in cleaning our teeth and gums but fail to notice that our tongue also has the potential to allow the buildup of bacteria. This would result in unwanted conditions such as bad breath, which will definitely make a poor first impression. To clean your tongue, you can gently brush it with a toothbrush in a circular motion or use a tongue scraper to get rid of any unwanted bacteria.

Make Periodic Visits To The Dentist

These helpful tips above will make a significant improvement in your oral health and does not consume a large amount of your time. However, although these tips are useful in providing self-care to your teeth, one should not forget to pay a visit to your dentist periodically in order for a professional to examine your mouth and to perform necessary treatment procedures.

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