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You Can Afford Invisalign Treatment!

Founded way back in 1997, Invisalign was originally created by an adult patient of orthodontics. So, this person knew what was like to be subjected to the hassles, pain, and unfortunate aesthetics of old-fashioned, traditional braces. These clear aligners are available in an assortment of actual products, Invisalign and ClearCorrect being the most common.

But is this type of tooth realignment covered by your insurance? First and foremost, you want to check with your dental insurance company and see what they say. But for the most part, at least a portion of your Invisalign treatment should be covered under most dental insurance plans.

Fortunately, there are additional methods of cost reduction. Let’s take a look at Invisalign treatments, approximately how much they may run, and some possible choices in reducing the cost of the treatment.

The Basic Cost of Invisalign

Before we go any further, keep in mind that orthodontic treatments vary from orthodontist to orthodontist, and from patient to patient. There is no one price that is set in stone and used across the board. The price also depends on how much work is going to be involved. In other words, how many steps or procedures will be added up to equal the final dental alignment price (i.e., tooth extractions, etc.).

As a very general ballpark, you could expect an Invisalign treatment to run somewhere under $8000 but most likely over $3000. Your orthodontist should be able to provide you with an estimate. The more the procedure costs, the more you may end up paying out-of-pocket (where dental insurance is concerned).


  • Some orthodontists offer payment plans.
  • There may be discount plans available that can be found by doing some online investigating.
  • Check out more than one dental plan. Some cover more things than are covered by others (individual dental plans versus employer-sponsored, etc.). Additionally, look into flex plans or FSA (pretax flexible spending accounts) offered by some insurance plans.
  • Look into “Care Credit” and other interest-free money lending companies (for the coverage of Medical Procedures).

Pick Up The Phone Now!

Your phone and your computer are going to be your best tools when it comes to finding the proper insurance plan or reducing the cost of Invisalign treatment. Today’s orthodontists offer this treatment as part of their normal, routine services. With so many orthodontists offering this one treatment, you stand a better chance of comparing prices.

And as mentioned earlier, some orthodontists will work out a payment plan with you or, in order to acquire a new patient, give a considerable discount on your first treatment method. If an orthodontist is not willing to give you at least a rough estimate upfront, move along. There are so many options out there, as far as orthodontists and dentists are concerned, that there is no need to deal with someone who doesn’t offer full transparency and disclosure.

Dr. Alex Rubinov offers Invisalign, conventional braces, and numerous other corrective dental procedures. If plastic retainers or metal braces hold no appeal for you, Invisalign may be your answer. Would you like to find out more about the cutting-edge technology used at our midtown New York City office? Check out this testimonial, then contact us today with any questions you may have; or schedule an appointment.

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