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Worried About Coffee Stains On Your Teeth?

Coffee stains are the top reason for stains on teeth. We all drinks lots of tea and coffee and if you smoke as well, then you are subjecting your teeth to many opportunities for staining or yellowing. There are a few ways you can address this once you have noticed them start to appear. However, you might think that you have already taken many measures to address this, such as already brushing and flossing your teeth and seeing your dentist regularly as well as rinsing your mouth out or drinking water after a cup of coffee, so what else can be done?

Do You Take Cow’s Milk In Your Coffee?

Not everyone likes milk in their coffee, but by adding just a small amount of cow’s milk you can start to prevent very heavy and dark coloration staining to your teeth. This is because the milk makes the coffee lighter, so any staining is going to be lighter too. In addition, milk is said to help provide protection for your teeth. This is due to the protein that binds to the polyphenols in coffee. This means there are less of the staining elements to adhere to your teeth when you drink

Have You Tried Using A Straw To Drink Your Coffee?

This may not be everyone’s solution to preventing their teeth from staining, but it does work. If the coffee does not touch your teeth, then it cannot stain them. Simple but effective.

Try De-Caffeinated Coffee

The amount of caffeine in your coffee affects how much your teeth may suffer from staining and discoloration. Decaffeinated coffee clearly has no caffeine, so less stains. There are coffees available with less caffeine, if you do not like decaffeinated products. Although, today the production of decaffeinated products has improved so much that the taste is as good as caffeinated coffee. Decaffeinated coffee has less polyphenols, the culprit that causes teeth staining.

Stick With Caffeinated Coffee

If you do want to stick with caffeinated coffee, then brewing fresh coffee in a percolator will cause less staining to teeth.

Brush Your Teeth More Regularly

This might not always be possible, but by regularly brushing your teeth with a stiff toothbrush about an hour after drinking coffee you will drastically reduce the amount of staining to your teeth. If you can’t do this then you can swish water around your mouth immediately after drinking coffee to remove as much of the coffee residue as possible.

Consider Professional Tooth Whitening Services

If you want white teeth, then having them professionally whitened by your dentist may be a good option for you. It will not only improve their color, but it will also help your teeth stay whiter for longer.  It will also help to prevent further staining on your teeth.

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