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Why Should Patients Consider A Clinical Whitening Approach?

Clinical Whitening

If you have been searching for ways to achieve that coveted, pearly white smile, you have probably been faced with a dilemma at some point: DIY home whitening kits or clinical whitening? You are not alone. With so many DIY options today that promise results at an affordable price, it can be difficult to decide on whether you should go down this route. However, these options can put your dental health at risk and render less-than-stellar results. Adopting a clinical teeth whitening approach may be a safer, faster option that delivers more bang for your buck than you think.

Type Of Staining

Home whitening kits only work for outer enamel stains. These are stains caused by smoking or drinking coffee, tea and wine. They do not, however, work for discolorations that originate within the teeth, also known as “intrinsic staining”. Such discoloration can be caused by a number of things, including tooth trauma, root canal treatments, filling materials or early antibiotic use. Professional treatment is required to tackle this type of discoloration.

Cost Effectiveness

While it may appear that DIY teeth whitening kits are the cheaper option, this may not be the case in the long run. This is because these at-home kits usually require daily use to achieve and maintain desired results. Hence, the costs quickly add up with time. On the contrary, clinical teeth whitening yields faster results that last longer.

Assessing Suitability

Did you know that not everyone is a good candidate for teeth whitening? If you have cracks in your teeth, tooth decay or gum disease, you may have to correct these issues first before proceeding with teeth whitening. Poor oral health may cause pain during the procedure or render it ineffective against discoloration. Hence, it is important to first consult a dentist to determine if you are ready for the procedure — or else it may be in vain!


Whitening your teeth in a clinic is safer than doing it yourself at home with DIY home whitening kits. People who choose to go down the DIY route are prone to making common mistakes, such as leaving tooth whitening strips on for longer than recommended to get faster results. However, such mistakes can leave gums painful and irritated, and wear down the tooth enamel. Visiting a dentist for a whitening treatment ensures that the procedure will be done safely, thus protecting your oral health.

Even Results

Whitening your teeth at a clinic will ensure that you achieve an even coloration throughout your smile. When you try to whiten your teeth at home, however, you may not be able to achieve the same results. This is especially the case if you have composite or porcelain crowns, or if you overuse the whitening system.

Ready to Achieve the Pearly Whites You Have Always Wanted?

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