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Why Optragate Is So Indispensable For Dentists

Any dentist that hasn’t started using Optragate yet should seriously consider it. This retractor for the cheek and lips has proven to be highly effective, assisting multiple dental teams in carrying out their operations. There are a number of factors which have contributed to its success and below are some reasons dentists should add it to their equipment set.

In Which Scenarios Is Optragate Most Valuable?

One area where Optragate is extremely important is in pediatric care. The reason for this is because when working with children and babies it is usually not possible to place the rubber dam. Optragate can be used and makes it a lot easier to apply both fillings as well as seals. It can also be used for orthodontic procedures, especially when it comes to the retainers and bonding brackets. It is effective in treating patients who have been placed in general anesthesia, since it will keep the patient’s mouth open while simultaneously protecting both the soft adjoining tissues and lips.

Optragate is free of latex and single use. It is exceptionally flexible, in every direction and consists of a miniature plastic ring which is placed on the area near a buccal vestibule, while a larger exterior ring will remain outside the patient’s mouth. There is an elastic component in between the rings which is approximately thirty five mm which will retract the lower and upper lips so that dentists have easier accessibility to their patient’s oral cavity.

What Sets Optragate Apart From Other Dental Devices?

It expands the vestibule and then retracts the soft tissue in a very gentle manner. This provides dentists with an excellent view of the patient’s oral interior, allowing them to work with greater ease and accuracy. The classical tug of war which dentists have experienced in the past from soft tissue is significantly minimized. The only thing they have to deal with now is the tongue. It is also comfortable for the patient, and will allow them to relax.

In regards to efficiency, Optragate is unmatched when compared to past devices and procedures. Previously dentists had to spend a lot of time retracting soft tissue and then ensuring the impression site and dry restoration. What made the process harder however is that patients sometimes felt the need to close up their mouths, particularly children. So this required dentists to spend a lot of time just trying to access the interior of the patient’s mouth and maintain that access, which was tedious for both the dentist and patient.

Optragate is a real game changer because it gives dentists the visibility and spaces they need to work on their patient’s teeth, without making the patient feel uncomfortable. This results in superior dental work and a more relaxing experience for the patient. Optragate is best described as being a dental stent, or put another way, a stent which helps dentists keep the mouths of their patients open “without” the patient feeling discomfort.

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