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Why Children Should Get Dental Braces

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Today, everyone has the opportunity to visit a dentist. It is encouraged to take your child whilst very young, so they become familiar with the dentist, the environment, the procedure and the treatment. A dentist advises that every child should have an orthodontic assessment at the very least when they are aged 7 years. This is the optimum age where any potential orthodontic problems can be identified, and treatment considered. This will allow the permanent adult teeth to grow properly.

Is Your Child Self-Conscious About His or Her Teeth?

If a child has crooked or misaligned teeth, they can be very self-conscious about them, especially if this has led to some teasing or bullying at school. This may not seem like a big deal, but it can erode their whole self-confidence and that can affect every aspect of their life. Misaligned or crooked teeth can be easily fixed with dental braces. The earlier dental braces can be applied, the better will be the result and your child will grow into a confident teenager and adult.

If the treatment is left until the teenage years, this will allow the teeth to go their own way for a longer time, which may entail wearing the dental braces for longer during the teenage years. Teenagers are also very sensitive and emotional about everything, so it is better to treat their misaligned teeth earlier if possible.

Improve Health Issues

Although many people get along just fine with crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw for most of their life, it is true that they can cause a few health problems. Gum disease of course is the number one issue, but bacteria that can hide and buildup in the mouth can be a contributing factor to some health issues.

Look Great — Feel Great

If you can smile with confidence, then that confidence can radiate through your body. If you smile more, you feel happier, as do those people around you. Not only that, one study suggests that the condition of your teeth can affect the way other people react or respond to you. For example, if you are looking for a job there is research to suggest that 45% of people with straight teeth are more likely to get a job over someone that does not have straight teeth. This may not just be because of the way the teeth look, but the way your teeth look can affect the way you perform or perceive yourself. So, investing in dental braces for your child is investing in their future prospects and well-being too.

Be Happy!

Something that we all take for granted, such as teeth, can make such a huge difference in the way we see and present ourselves. Children, and consequently adults, with straight teeth are seen as happier, healthier, successful and more attractive.

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