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Child Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the study of the teeth and jaws in relation to the face. Orthodontic treatment can help children grow up with teeth that will last them a lifetime. With the introduction of fizzy drinks and its effects on the teeth, it is no wonder that child orthodontics continues to grow year on year. If there is an issue with your child’s teeth, then this will not only affect their self-confidence and esteem, which is highly important as they grow, but it can also affect their speech and eating.

What Are Child Orthodontics?

Child orthodontics is concerned with giving your child the very best dental treatment available. If they have overcrowded teeth or impacted teeth, then this can affect their eating. There is a range of treatments available to help your child.

Why Get Child Orthodontics?

There are a variety of reasons to obtain child orthodontics and they can include:

  • Straightening or aligning teeth

    If your child grows with teeth that are jutting out at different angles, then they can feel very self-conscious, and this can affect their overall life. They may be subject to bullying.

  • Correcting the bite

    Sometimes a child’s top and bottom teeth may not meet, and this can cause issues with biting and eating or chewing, causing pain.

  • Tooth removal

    Your child may need a tooth removed if they have overcrowding in their teeth or have severe tooth decay.

The Process of Getting Child Orthodontics

Child orthodontics is a specialized area of dentistry. You should visit your dentist and they will arrange for a complete assessment of the mouth, jaw and face of your child. If your child needs any specialized treatments, it may be necessary to refer them to a pediatric orthodontist. However, if you are fortunate enough to have a dentist that is fully qualified in pediatric orthodontics, then no referral is necessary, as they will be able to carry out any of the specialized treatment required. This will greatly reassure your child and enable them to build a trusting relationship with your dentist.

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Child Orthodontics In NYC

Dr. Alex is not only a dentist, but he is also a fully qualified pediatric orthodontist. His specialty means he can assess your child’s dental needs and carry out any treatment or intervention as well. This will greatly reduce any waiting time necessary before treatment can be carried out.

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