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When Do You Need To Extract Your Wisdom Tooth?

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Have you ever had a problem with a wisdom tooth? If so, you know that it is anything but fun. But that applies to most negative tooth issues. Sometimes, it’s best to simply get the problem removed. If this becomes necessary, it’s better to do it sooner than later. When it comes to wisdom teeth removal, here are some common causes.

Gums That Are Inflamed

When wisdom teeth start poking through your gums, they can become inflamed, painful, and irritated. That means that you’re going to avoid the area when brushing your teeth. And that is an open invitation for food to remain lodged and for bacteria to form.

A Cavity in a Wisdom Tooth

Though cavities in normal teeth are usually dealt with through fillings, the same practice is seldom used on wisdom teeth. The cavity likely developed because the tooth wasn’t being properly cleaned in the first place. It may be better to just get rid of the problem altogether than run the risk of further problems related to bacteria.

Issues with Your Sinuses

Your sinuses and your wisdom teeth are closely related. Pressure can be put upon your sinuses because of the roots that develop when your wisdom teeth grow. Congestion, headaches, pressure, and sinus pain can be a result.

The Formation of a Cyst

A cyst is a fluid filled sac next to a tooth. It can destroy surrounding structures, roots, and bones if it is left untreated. Additional surgery may be required, or a tumor can develop from a cyst, if it is left untreated and becomes severe.

It’s Hard to Eat

Impacted wisdom teeth should not be a diet plan, but it can hurt so much that it becomes difficult or impossible to eat comfortably. Wisdom teeth can also cause pain when, at the top of the teeth and between gums, food gets stuck. It’s very hard to access the area that far back in your mouth, so wisdom teeth don’t always get cleaned as well as they should.

Irritation and Pain

Few people would deny that there is no pain like tooth pain. It can affect your entire sense of being. To find out if your wisdom tooth or some other dental problem is causing the pain, visit your dentist. Extraction may or may not be required.

Teeth Growing Incorrectly/ Teeth Crowding

Too much mouth space can sometimes be taken up when wisdom teeth grow in. Without braces, wisdom teeth cannot be straightened. And there is no procedure, once the mouth is overcrowded, that can make too many teeth fit together properly. Having wisdom teeth removed because they are growing improperly or causing too much crowding may be the proper solution.

Is It Essential That I Extract My Wisdom Teeth?

There are individuals that, once their wisdom teeth come in, keep them for the rest of their lives. There is no real worry about having your wisdom teeth removed if they aren’t causing any significant problem. If one (or more) is giving you trouble, you may consider having them all removed. Ask your dentist about the best way of going about relieving yourself of any wisdom teeth related issues.

Naturally, the best way to keep your mouth pain-free and healthy is with a good diet and maintaining a proper dental hygiene routine. That along with regularly scheduled visits to your dentist will be far more likely to keep your smile free from pain and infection.

Do you have a wisdom tooth that needs attention? Dr. Alex Rubinov is an experienced dentist who knows wisdom teeth and the problems they can cause. He can give you the relief you need from the pain of an impacted wisdom tooth. If you have any questions, you can ask them online with our easy to use form. Or, call us today at (718) 253-0800 to make an appointment.