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What’s The Link Between Healthy Teeth And Weight Loss?

healthy teeth and weight loss

There are a lot of reasons behind why more and more people want to lose weight. Generally, some want it for its aesthetics, while others to keep themselves fit and healthy. Adding another reason to the list is the fact that there is a link between healthy teeth and weight loss. 

Research on the Healthy Teeth and Weight Relationship

This study was conducted and recorded in the journal of Oral Diseases in Thailand. There were a total of 160 adults who participated in the study. Out of these total number, 112, or 70% of the respondents are obese. It was found out that this member of the total population for the study suffered from severe periodontitis and other dental diseases when compared to participants who fall within the normal weight range. The study also discovered that C-reactive protein, and white blood cell levels are higher in these overweight individuals. The records showed that those with a BMI of 25 or higher specifically were 4.2 times more likely to suffer from severe gum disease when compared to their normal-weight counterparts. 

Obesity and Oral Issues Linked

Obesity is known to be associated with unhealthy habits. Part of these habits is the lack of concern when it comes to taking care of one’s body. Obese people tend to forget the importance of having a healthier physique, and can also fall prey to forgetting about keeping their teeth healthy. In the same study, researchers tried to control factors that can affect results, including smoking, exercise habits, gender, age, and blood sugar levels. While results were lower with these control factors, numbers are still significant.

The result of the study is not surprising at all since it is a well-known fact that obesity has a high tendency of contributing to the inflammation in the body. This has a connection with gum disease as well. Inflammation, after all, contributes as an underlying cause of plenty of health conditions. It is a risk factor to all things that can affect the body, oral health included.

More on Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is classified both as an infectious and an immune-meditated condition. This explains why obese people are more susceptible to bacteria that cause gum disease, as well as cavities. The same trend has been evident in the United States too, and affects almost everyone, including younger children.

As of the moment, the link between healthy teeth and weight loss can either be one-way or two-way by nature. For people suffering from diabetes, it clearly explains that the condition can worsen periodontal disease, while periodontal disease can affect diabetes too. This is a clear explanation of a two-way cause-effect relationship between oral health and weight.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are obese or not, it is your responsibility to keep your teeth healthy at all times. You can visit your dentist regularly in order for him or her to properly assess your teeth’s state of health. The practitioner can recommend treatments whenever necessary, depending on your situation.