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What You Need To Know About Multiple Tooth Implants

multiple tooth implants

The quality of your life will deteriorate if a number of your teeth are damaged or missing.  You will have a hard time chewing food. Along with that, any adjusted teeth will begin shifting. Gum disease will also be a major challenge together with bad breath and poor dental hygiene.

Moreover, missing teeth will lead to bone loss. Primarily, damaged teeth will destroy your social life and self-confidence owing to an unpleasant smile. Fortunately, there are several remedies for multiple damaged or missing teeth.

That includes the use of particle dentures, bridges, and dental implants. Of all the three alternatives, dental implants have proven to be the most effective. Multiple tooth implants are not only easy to maintain but also functional and long-lasting. Here is detailed information about multiple dental implants.

Procedure for Multiple Tooth Implants

Investing in dental implants should be rewarding. However, things could easily go south if you opt for a substandard dentist. Therefore, you ought to find a great dentist for a perfect job. Customer reviews and customer ratings should guide your decision concerning this.

Thereafter, your preferred dentist will take you through the consultation process and discuss a solid treatment plan depending on your needs. After that, you will head on to implant placement. The procedure for multiple tooth implants involves a minor procedure. You will be sedated with a local procedure to numb your gums and make them painless.

When you are comfortable enough, the surgeon will then replace your damaged teeth with quality titanium fixtures. The procedure will leave the rest of your teeth untouched only working to replace the affected ones. When the procedure is over, you will have sufficient recovery time to allow your gums to heal.

The recovery duration could last between three to six months. During that time, the titanium implants will integrate seamlessly into the jawbone structure creating a replacement that functions and looks like your natural teeth.

Advantages of Multiple Tooth Implants

There are several advantages you are bound to earn from getting multiple implants for your teeth. Implants tend to be more durable since they are stronger when compared to natural teeth or dental bridge-supported teeth. Here are other notable benefits:

  • Easy to Maintain and Care for: Alternative tooth replacement alternatives such as dentures demand a lot of care and attention to stay in good shape. You have to take them out every once in a while which could be pretty inconvenient. Nevertheless, implants tend to work similarly to your natural teeth. Maintaining good oral hygiene is all you have to do.  
  • Help to Preserve Surrounding Teeth: A good tooth implant should provide adequate structural support to the surrounding teeth hence helping to preserve them. The robust structure of the tooth implant prevents adjacent teeth from incurring any bridge damage.
  • Exceptional Standard of Care: When compared with dentures and bridges, dental implants are known to be stronger, more durable, and optimally functional. They feature a titanium structure that bonds sturdily with the jawbone to create a firm base for a brand-new crown. That creates a standard tooth replacement that not only functions like a natural tooth but also feels and looks like one.
  • Offer a Durable Solution: Partial dentures or dental bridges may be affordable but they are still not as good as dental implants. First, they do not provide a permanent solution for your teeth replacement needs. Apart from that dentures and bridges tend to be exceedingly demanding in terms of maintenance. You have to clean them thoroughly to keep them functional for the rest of your life. On the flip side, dental implants have a higher success rate with minimal maintenance requirements. On top of that, they offer a permanent tooth replacement alternative.

Restore Smiles with Dental Implants

Dental implants are the ultimate solution to replacing damaged or missing teeth. The procedure might be a little costly but it is a worthy investment if you are keen on restoring your smile and improving the quality of your life.