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The Importance Of Root Canal Treatment After Veneers

Porcelain veneers help to address some dental concerns. Veneers are often made out of durable ceramic material that will give your teeth the shiny shape you desire. Veneers are easily molded to fit your teeth and shaped according to the smile you desire. Having veneers will make your smile look beautiful and natural-looking. If your tooth is chipped, or misaligned, or there are gaps in the teeth, you may consider having porcelain veneers. Having a beautiful set of veneers will restore the appearance of your smile. Sometimes you may feel very insecure when there are chips in your tooth or uneven teeth, as such you may want to consider having porcelain veneers.

It is important to consult your dentist before going ahead with the procedure. So long as you have enough tooth enamel, meaning that your tooth is not too small, and you practice good dental care, it makes the installation of the porcelain veneers much smoother. Sometimes after having veneers, you may experience toothache because your teeth become extra sensitive after the procedure. As such, aftercare is very important. Many people who do not care for their veneers properly after the procedure will require a root canal. Root canal after veneers can occur if there is gum disease. Here are some reasons why root canals after veneers may happen.

Over Preparation of the Tooth

Porcelain veneers may require a root canal treatment if a dentist has been aggressively or over-preparing the tooth. Over-preparing the tooth means that too much of the tooth is being removed causing the dentine, the layer that is protected by the enamel is being exposed. This can cause the tooth to undergo extreme stress, irritation, and inflammation. Additionally, an infection can easily occur. This can lead to gum disease and pain that requires a root canal treatment. Root canal is where the infected part of the tooth is being removed and the tooth is cleaned and disinfected before it is filled and sealed again. A root canal is often done to make the tooth healthy again. Sometimes with poor oral hygiene, bacteria can leak behind the veneers, causing an inflection. If it is left untreated, it will require a root canal treatment.

Porcelain Veneers Procedure Aftercare

After the procedure, it is important to take care of your new veneers. Though veneers do not get stained easier nor do they decay, it is important to maintain them. Maintaining good hygiene and having regular dentist visits will help to ensure that the veneers are not impacting your oral health. If you usually grind your teeth at night, you should wear a night guard to protect your veneers. Do ensure that you take care of your oral health to reduce the likelihood of gum disease and infections. This includes, using mouthwash daily, having regular dental check ups and cleaning. Do brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. Even though veneers do not decay, it is still attached to your natural teeth which may be prone to decay.