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What You Need To Know About Composite Bonding

One of the ways that modern dentistry can restore your teeth is through the use of composite bonding. This process involves the use of resin materials that are very strong and can be molded to help reshape teeth and close gaps between one tooth and another. Here is everything you need to know about the use of composite bonding in cosmetic dentistry.

What It Is?

The use of resin materials to correct dental deformities has been around for a long while. Over time, the technology used and the resin materials themselves have gotten better and better. Today, getting composite bonding treatment is fast and easy. And the results are even better. No drilling or surgery is required and typically, your dentist can get it done in a single appointment. The process is also pain-free so no anesthesia is needed. Here are some of the conditions that composite bonding treatment can help remedy.

Crooked Teeth

Due to dental trauma or just genetics, some people are predisposed to having crooked teeth. Composite bonding can help correct these minor deformities by reshaping the teeth. What is critical to remember is that composite bonding only works for minor deformities. If the teeth are seriously misaligned, it is probably better to ask your dentist for orthodontic treatment rather than composite bonding.

Chipped Teeth

One of the other common dental problems that composite bonding can fix is chipped teeth. Just like crooked teeth, these can be as a result of an accident or biting into something hard. If the chip is tiny, composite bonding can help smoothen the edges and ensure that your bite is restored. Having a composite bonding treatment also ensures that there are no sharp edges on your dental profile which may cause soft tissue injury especially when chewing food.

Front Teeth Gaps

Gaps in the front teeth are typically genetic and many people find them unsightly. Luckily, composite bonding treatment can easily correct this problem. Given how quick the treatment is, it is a great option for people who just need a minor correction. If the gap is too large, then your dentist is likely to recommend that you undergo orthodontic treatment.

Post Treatment Care

When put in place by a professional cosmetic dentist, you can expect your composite bonding material to stay for a long time. It is estimated that it takes about 7-8 years before your composite bonding materials begin to wear out. It helps to maintain a proper oral hygiene regimen in order to prevent cavities and other dental problems. This is because the treated tooth can still be attacked by bacteria and all that work would have been in vain. Dr. Alex Rubinov is an experienced dental practitioner in New York. The practice offers a range of services including teeth whitening, smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics, to name but a few. Contact the team at (718) 253-0800 for an appointment.

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