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What to Expect When You Get Tooth Contouring

There are many people who are becoming more interested in cosmetic dentistry for general and self-esteem purposes. To this end, many procedures are being developed to serve their needs. Tooth contouring is one that many people are not familiar with, but which can be very effective if you have misshapen teeth which affect your smile. It’s easy to reshape the teeth to your liking, as long as you consult dental practitioner who has the requisite experience in this type of cosmetic dentistry. There are several things you can expect when you consult a dentist for this procedure.

Deciding if it Suits You or Not

Before any tooth contouring is done, a good dentist will first ensure that it’s a procedure that suits you. This involves first finding out what you want in the end, and then figuring out whether teeth contouring is going to result in this.

In addition to that, it may also be necessary to incorporate other cosmetic dentistry procedures in order to get to your expectations. For instance, they could recommend tooth whitening, placing veneers on some of your teeth and a gum lift in addition to the tooth contouring. The goal is to ensure that by the end of it all, you will have exactly the smile you had envisioned. In some cases, tooth reconstruction may not be feasible, in which case the dentist will inform you why not.

Is it Going to Be Painful?

Tooth contouring involves shaping the enamel, the surface of the teeth. These are basically calcium salts, and have more or less the same structure as bone. They do not have any nerve endings. As a result, tooth contouring is a painless process if done correctly. Clients usually don’t need any anaesthesia or pain killers during and after contouring.

If pain manifests during tooth contouring, it indicates a problem. This is because the only way one can perceive pain during this procedure is if the enamel is breached and air accesses the inner part of the tooth where nerve endings are. This is why it’s important to first carry out a thorough examination of your teeth to decide which ones are ideal for tooth contouring and which ones are not. This will only be accurately done when you visit a specialist cosmetic dentist.  

Other Benefits of Tooth Contouring

In addition to shaping teeth to a more desirable form, tooth contouring also results in the smoothening of the enamel. This makes it more difficult for bacteria to lodge on the surface of the tooth, and also makes it easy to brush away any caries. You will end up with a better smile and better breath as well.  

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