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What Is The Perfect Smile?

Do you smile confidently? If not, it really has nothing to do with you but probably your teeth. However, your teeth may not be the only problem. Other factors such as chapped lips, receding gums, and yellow teeth can make a person shy away from smiling freely. The good news is that you don’t have to spend the rest of your life frowning if you feel you don’t have that perfect smile. Thanks to innovations, dentistry has evolved over the years and there are several procedures available to help patients smile more confidently. Before we take a look at these dental procedures, let’s first see what else that one can do to achieve the perfect smile.

Healthy Food Intake

Eating healthy foods that uphold good dental health should be first priority. Sweetened foods that promote tooth decay should be avoided to maintain beautiful teeth for that perfect smile. Some behaviors that can damage teeth like smoking tobacco which discolors teeth should be avoided.

Teeth hygiene and care is a huge step that contributes toward achieving the perfect smile and therefore they should be upheld. Eating healthy food that strengthens teeth should be made a priority by those who wish to achieve that perfect smile.

Oral Health Care

The other point to consider is to maintain good oral health. This mostly consists of brushing your teeth several times a day with the right toothbrush and toothpaste. The toothbrush should be replaced every three months to prevent the circulation of bacteria back into the teeth. A perfect toothbrush should have soft bristles to avoid hurting the gums.

Dental flossing is also important to remove plaque in places where the toothbrush cannot reach. Therefore, it’s important to floss at least once a day. However, after upholding these dental care tips, but the teeth still experience changes like sensitivity to extreme temperatures, a dentist should be consulted.

Cosmetic Dentistry

There are various ways of correcting teeth deformities caused by decays, teeth loss, gaps between teeth, or discoloration of teeth caused by certain medications.  Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, there are procedures that can help to correct these problems. There are ways such as composite bonding that treats discolored, damaged or even decayed teeth to make teeth look as good as new.

A dental veneer is also a procedure that repairs cracked teeth, gaps between teeth and even crooked teeth. This makes teeth more appealing thus enhancing a person’s overall appearance.

Discolored teeth add an unpleasant vibe to a person’s smile. Teeth bleaching, also known as teeth whitening helps to restore discolored teeth back to their original color. Other than visiting the dentist, teeth can be whitened using other ways like brushing with certain types of recommended toothpaste. This method, however, takes time to be effective.


Although achieving that perfect smile requires various factors, having healthy teeth should be made as to the topmost priority. Your lips, gums, and teeth are also important therefore, it is vital to maintain and uphold proper oral health above all.

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