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What Could Prevent Me From Getting A Smile Makeover?

Smile Makeover

People who have chipped or broken teeth, stained teeth, crooked teeth, and more, often – after much thought and speaking to a dentist – decide on a smile makeover.

You may want to ask the question, before getting your heart set on a beautiful smile, “Is there something that could prevent me from getting a smile makeover?” One of the most important factors in determining whether or not someone can or is ready to receive a smile makeover is whether or not their mouth is currently healthy. It is possible that before going through any cosmetic dentistry procedure, oral health issues may need to be addressed.

So, is there actually anything that might prevent you from getting a smile makeover?

Well, yes. But let’s look at the answer to that in closer detail. Before any desired aesthetic changes can take place, you may need to have the following conditions taken care of, as they relate to your oral health.

Jawbone Resorption

For dental implants to be placed, enough jawbone tissue must exist. Your jawbone may have shrunk as a result of not being stimulated because, for some time, a tooth or teeth have been missing. To regrow the jawbone you need, you may have to get jawbone graft surgery.

A Gum Graft Is Needed

If a great amount of gum tissue loss has occurred due to some stage of advanced periodontal disease, to replace missing gum tissue, a gum graft surgery may be needed. This protects the roots of your teeth as well as replaces missing gums.

Periodontal Disease Exists at some Stage

Advanced gum disease – periodontal disease – can lead to severe issues with your entire mouth and/or gums. A more severe condition can result if gingivitis is left untreated. Your teeth might fall out, your gums might recede, teeth could move, or, between your teeth, pockets could develop.

Before a smile makeover can take place, gums have to be healthy.

A Tooth Extraction Is Needed

If you have a badly diseased or injured tooth, before your smile makeover can take place, that tooth will need to be taken care of. If the tooth can’t be saved, a tooth extraction may be required. As part of your cosmetic treatment plan, you could then get a dental implant.

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