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What Can Happen If I Avoid Visiting A Dentist?

What Can Happen If I Avoid Visiting A Dentist

For some of us, visiting a dentist is a living nightmare. The thought of inserting metal tools into our mouths scare us. For others, going to the dentist every half a year feels too frequent, and you wonder if it is worth the time checking your teeth every six months. Nothing much is going to change anyway, right? For whatever reasons you may have to not go for your twice a year dental checkup, you might want to consider going for your checkup more frequently after reading this article.

Tooth Decay

The formation of tartar and the plaque build-up will eventually lead to tooth decay if not treated by a dentist. Tooth decay is the first stage of other dental health problems which includes bad breath and eventually leading to the loss of tooth.

Gum Disease

When your gums are not painful or causing any kind of discomfort, it is easy to think that they are in the pink of health. No pain or discomfort does not mean you can assume that your gums are healthy. The early stage of gum disease, gingivitis, can be present even if your gums feel fine. People who do not visit the dentist regularly risk having a much more serious periodontal disease than gingivitis. Visiting a dentist can help to diagnose and treat gingivitis early.

Plaque Buildup

Skipping a thorough cleaning at the dentist will results in the trapped plaque to harden into tartar. Tartar cannot be removes easily with normal brushing and flossing at home. A dental professional will have tools that remove the tartar easier and better.

Tooth Loss

Untreated tooth decay or the later stages of gum diseases are the reasons behind tooth loss. Regular visits to the dentist office will help to prevent the progression of oral health problems to tooth loss.


The holes in your tooth are known as cavities, which are the result of the build-up bacteria, tartar and plaque that eat away progressively at tooth enamel. People who do not visit the dentist regularly risk having their small, easily treated cavities turned into larger and harder to treat cavities.

Tooth Stains

The accumulation of plaque and tartar will leave a nasty stain on your teeth on top of the increased risk of tooth decay and cavities. The longer you delay going to the dentist, the more stubborn the tooth stain will be.  

Risk of Illnesses and Diseases

Research has found that there are links to one’s overall health and oral health. Some of the health issues related to oral health are diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. For that reason, visiting a dentist is important.

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