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Understanding What A NYC Cosmetic Dentist Does

With the current population of New York City being in excess of 8.538 million people, one can only imagine the number of NYC cosmetic dentists it takes to care for them all. With all of those dentists available, you must pick and choose carefully. We are not saying that there are bad dentists out there — not by any means. We are simply cautioning the smart and informed individual to simply check out a dentist before agreeing to work with them.

All of that said, let’s look into just exactly what it is that a NYC cosmetic dentist does on a regular basis. This will help you determine whether or not cosmetic dental surgery is something you should check out.

Introduction to Cosmetic Dentistry

Though cosmetic dentistry is definitely for those who are unhappy with their smile, it can also serve a far deeper purpose. Yes, cosmetic dentistry can help replace or cover teeth that are bad or missing, thereby rectifying a less than perfect smile. But the replacement or capping of teeth also helps keep your dental contour intact. This, in return, makes you’re every day dental hygiene maintenance routine easier. If your routine is easier, you are more likely to take good care of your teeth.

Tooth Replacement

You have two things to be concerned about if you are missing a tooth. Bone loss could result from that empty space in your mouth. And, of course, it can be somewhat embarrassing. Missing teeth can be remedied with implants, bridges, crowns, and dentures — all of which a cosmetic dentist can provide.

Damage Repair

At some time in your life, you are likely to damage one or more teeth. If not during a sporting activity, you may simply chip a tooth on something that was too hard to chew. Additionally, you may be unhappy with permanently stained teeth due to coffee or smoking. These issues can be fixed by a cosmetic dentist through a number of options including veneers and crowns.

Make Teeth Look Natural and Uniform

You may not have the utmost confidence in your smile if you have misshapen teeth. These types of imperfections can be fixed through the use of porcelain veneers. A cosmetic dentist can make your teeth look beautiful, natural, and straight by hiding misshapen teeth beneath these veneers.

Teeth Straightening

A would-be stunning smile can be lessened by crooked teeth. This is one place where cosmetic dentists can definitely come to the rescue. Many work hand-in-hand, to coordinate treatment plans through orthodontics. There are various methods of remedying crooked teeth including porcelain veneers and braces.

Smile Makeover

Perhaps your teeth aren’t permanently stained, but darker than you wish they were. A cosmetic dentist can provide you with teeth whitening at a professional level. Those over-the-counter products can’t hold a candle to the teeth whitening done by a cosmetic dentist.

If you are in the market for cosmetic dentistry, as suggested earlier, explore your options before choosing — and choose your NYC cosmetic dentist wisely. Thanks to modern, advanced techniques, risks are slight. But the more experienced, knowledgeable, and reputable your dentist is, the fewer your chances are of risk and/or failure.

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