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Understanding the Science Behind a Smile

Smiling is one of the most natural things for human beings. It is also a universal language that is understood by all people across the planet, including all races or cultures. From the most modern society to the most traditional, a smile means the same thing. Our instincts compel us to warm up to people who smile at us. Have you ever wondered about the science behind smiling? Why are we always pre-disposed to like people who smile and why does a perfect smile open door for a person? Let us delve a little bit into the science behind smiling.

Our Brains

When we see something that makes us happy (such as seeing your child after a long day at work), a signal is sent to the brain-stem, the oldest part of our brain. This signal is then transferred to the facial muscles that translate it into a smile. When this happens, there is a feedback signal that is sent back to the brain that makes us feel happy and at peace. This virtuous cycle can go on and on, translating to increased happiness and joy by the smiling person.

Smiling Makes Us Happy

When you smile, the brain releases endorphins which make us feel happier. The interesting thing is that we don’t even have to mean it. Simply smiling without even a reason will still give us the good feelings that a real smile triggers in our brain. This is why we are often told to smile even when we don’t feel like smiling. It is based on the proven fact that if you smile, the endorphins that your brain releases as a response will eventually lead to a more positive predisposition than the one you started with in the first place.

Smiling and Success

Smiling helps the body to reduce stress and this then leads to improved health. Stress is linked to a weakened immune system and eliminating it from our lives often leads to better health outcomes. The reason why we are generally happier around young children is based on the same principle. Children smile more than adults and when we are in their company, their smiles activate our smiles and leads to an overall improvement in our mood.

Smile More

With such health benefits, it is important to learn to smile more. One of the reasons why people don’t smile a lot is that they are simply not used to smiling. For this reason, we need to learn to be comfortable smiling. You can make this task easier by picturing pleasant memories such as a funny thing you read or thinking about the company of someone that you like. This simple mental trick will have you smiling and you will notice that your mood will immediately lift when you start smiling.

The perfect smile is a function of how well our teeth are aligned and many other factors. A highly experienced cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Alex Rubinov can work with you to give you a smile makeover. Dr. Rubinov is one of the leading cosmetic dentists in New York City with years of experience in smile makeovers and other aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Contact his practice at (718) 253-0800 for an appointment.

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