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Understanding The Differences Between Mini And Standard Dental Implants

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If you have a missing tooth and would like to correct this, one of the options that you should consider is a dental implant. Dental implants are used as part of the process to replace a missing tooth or teeth with an artificial one. The dental implant itself acts as a root that anchors the crown or dentures that then go in the place of the missing tooth. Implants, whether mini or standard are surgically implanted into the jaw bone in a process that may differ in magnitude depending on whether you are having mini or standard dental implants. Depending on the individual case at hand, a patient may choose to have either standard or mini implants inserted. Here then are the key differences between the two implants and the circumstances that could make you choose one over the other.

Standard Dental Implants

Standard dental implants involve the same standard process of surgically inserting a rod (usually made of titanium) into the jaw bone and allowing gum tissue to develop around it to secure it in place. This process usually takes several months as the gum tissue must be allowed to seal the rod in place. Once that happens, your dentist will then carefully place an abutment on the top of the rod. The role of this abutment is to hold the crown or denture that will then be placed on top of the rod so as to complete the process.

Standard implants are fairly permanent and last for a very long time, typically the standard lifetime of the patient. They are usually done when there are no underlying tissue problems such bone or tissue loss as would be caused by various stages of gum disease. If a patient has any one of these underlying conditions, a standard dental implant is usually preceded by procedures such as tissue grafting in order to create ideal tissue conditions for the implant.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are a variation of standard dental implants that differ in several important ways. One is the circumstances in which they are used. Patients may opt to go for mini dental implants in cases where there is significant loss of tissue thus making standard implants difficult to do without tissue grafting. This is because mini implants require less tissue to hold them in place meaning that they can be used in cases where there is some tissue loss. The second difference between the two implants is its form.

Mini implants are smaller than standard implants and consists of only one piece that sticks out of the gum to hold the crown or denture. Unlike the standard implant that has a rod and an abutment to hold the crown, a mini implant comes in only one piece. The last major difference between the two is the time it takes to fix both. Unlike the standard implant that takes several months to complete the process, a mini implant can be inserted and the process of fixing the crown can be finished in a single visit.

Will You Have a Mini or Standard Implant?

For many people, the choice of the two is often dictated by the cost. Because mini implants are relatively faster to put in place and require a less intrusive process, they tend to be cheaper than standard implants. Standard dental implants on the other hand offer a more long-term solution and are relatively firmer and stronger than mini implants. Whichever your choice, you should choose a dentist with extensive experience in dental implants. He or she should be able to guide you through the options that work best for you. This is why you should call Dr. Alex Rubinov if you are thinking of having dental implants. With decades of experience in dental implants, you will get a solution that is perfectly tailored for you.