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Understanding How Long Teeth Whitening WIll Last

One of cosmetic dentistry’s most popular treatments is teeth whitening, and it’s easy to see why. Many people find having a brighter, healthy smile an attractive prospect. And now there are more options than ever if you want to achieve a whiter shade of teeth. You can choose anything from a professional teeth whitening service to a whitening toothpaste. With all that out of the way, it’s time to answer the crucial question of how long teeth whitening will last.

Prioritizing Your Oral Health

It may be frustrating to hear this, but the truth is that there’s no direct answer to this question. How long your teeth whitening lasts is dependent on how well you take care of your teeth. The effects of teeth whitening can vary as widely from six months to three years. Every person’s teeth whitening effects have a unique lifespan. Those who frequently consume dark-colored foods and beverages run the risk of staining their teeth. Some examples include: liquids like tea, coffee and red wine, foods that leave dark stains like tomato sauce, soy sauce, and cured meats, or highly pigmented berries and vegetables like beetroot and blueberries. Practices like frequent smoking will also cut short the longevity of your newly whitened teeth. To keep your pearly whites shiny for as long as possible, you will have to avoid these foods. Stick to proper oral hygiene practices by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. This way, your whitened teeth will continue to be prominently displayed. Unfortunately, stains are inevitable, so regular maintenance and dental checkups will still be necessary.

How To Take Care Of Your Newly Whitened Teeth in The First 24 Hours

The most crucial period for your teeth is the first 24 hours after the whitening treatment. This decides how long the results of the process will last. As previously advised, you should be avoiding food and beverages that can potentially leave dark stains, cutting out habits like smoking, though e-cigarettes and vapes can still be used, and avoiding colored mouthwash and toothpaste. Follow the guideline for anything that can stain a white tooth. To summarize, everything that passes through your mouth should be soft, non-acidic and light in color. Foods like white yogurt, clear alcohol such as gin and tonic, white cream sauces, rice, eggs and peeled potatoes are all suitable for your consumption post-treatment. 

Ongoing Care To Preserve Your Pearly Whites

Observing these guidelines for the first 24 hours isn’t enough. If you immediately go back to dark sodas or chocolate, you’ll notice that your white teeth will rapidly lose their sparkle after a short time. Maintaining good habits will help your teeth stay white – and your smile stay dazzling- for a long time, perhaps even two years! Ongoing care can involve immediately brushing your teeth after you consume something that stains, and observing regular brushing and flossing twice a day. If you don’t want to alter your lifestyle or stop smoking or drinking intensely colored beverages frequently, consider going back for touch-ups every six months.

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