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Understanding A Typical Dental Brace Removal Procedure

A marathon runner sweating and panting through the last ten yards only thinks about one thing – the finish line. Similar to this marathon runner, is a patient who is just about to have their brace removal treatment in order to finally achieve that perfect smile, i.e., straight teeth that are void of stains. That feeling of excitement is mind-blowing, but one still needs to be well-prepared for what is to come next. Let us now dig deeper to discover what the procedure entails.

The Procedure

You need not to get scared about the process if the dentist performing the procedure is certified and experienced. They will ensure that the whole procedure is gently done to safeguard your comfort and get the best desired result. The first step involves gently removing the brackets by squeezing the base using pliers which causes the bonding agent to break off and thus loosens the brackets. The remaining adhesive is gently grinded off from the teeth’s enamel – an advantageous step that facilitates teeth whitening and polishing. The brace removal procedure typically takes about an hour to complete.

What Happens After the Removal?

To maintain the teeth in their new position, orthodontists have to install a retainer in the teeth. This is created to specifically fit the teeth of an individual and it is made by making an impression of the patient’s palate and teeth. This can only be done once the braces are totally removed from the patient’s teeth.

Unlike braces which cannot be removed during certain times then put back on, retainers cannot be used continuously and have to be taken out at certain times, especially when eating. Fortunately, as time goes by, the teeth will no longer require as much support from the retainers as before to stay in place. Before taking out your retainers, it is important to consult with your orthodontist beforehand.

Care After Brace Removal

It is recommended that patients schedule follow-up appointments with their doctors after the dental braces removal procedure. During these follow-up sessions, orthodontists may give specific guidelines to be adhered to for the continued care of your teeth.

Dental hygiene has to be prioritized during this period as you are required to brush your teeth at least two times every day and regularly floss to keep them clean. In addition, remember to put on your retainers as per the required time for an effective treatment. All these practices go a long way in helping your recovery process become significantly shorter and more effective.

Beginning Your Own Marathon

Dr. Alex is a renowned orthodontist and smile makeover guru who also deals with various dental treatment plans. If you think you are ready, he will walk you through the procedure, making sure you understand any risks that come with it, how many hours the procedure is expected to go on for and the estimated recovery time. Feel free to contact him and get started on your dental brace removal procedure today!

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