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Top Tips To Keeping Your Teeth Clean Between Meals

Life can get pretty busy — between sports, school, work, and having a family and social life. When you have to juggle so many activities in a day, it can be hard to find time to take care of your oral health. The good news is that keeping your teeth clean between meals is easy. How?

Brush And Floss

The best way to prevent tooth decay and dental disease is to brush and floss often. However, when one is on the go, it can be hard to gain access to a restroom after every meal. This does not mean that you cannot brush your teeth. Instead, you can brush your teeth without using toothpaste to remove plaque and food on your teeth. This technique can be applied while at the office or waiting in the car. Apart from dry brushing, you can also clean your teeth using floss picks. You only need one hand to use it and no need to have a mirror in front of you, making flossing in between meals easier.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

After eating snacks, you can chew sugar-free gum to increase saliva flow in your mouth. Saliva naturally neutralizes acids in the mouth and washes away food particles. Pop sugar-free gum in your mouth after a meal and chew for 20 minutes.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water after meals not only helps with digestion, but also helps to clear your mouth from food particles, i.e. keeping your teeth clean between meals. As you drink water, try to swirl the water around your mouth to ensure that it gets in between the teeth to remove stuck food particles in between the teeth. Also, rinse your mouth using fluoridated water to bolster your teeth’s defense against cavity-causing bacteria.

Snack Healthily

Snacking throughout the day is encouraged especially for people who are looking to lose weight since it minimizes the need to eat heavy meals. However, frequent snacking greatly contributes to tooth decay. If you have to snack during the day, ensure that you choose tooth-friendly snacks such as apples, nuts, seeds or carrots. These foods have an abrasive texture therefore, acting as a natural toothbrush, removing plaque and bacteria. Avoid snacking on sugary and sticky foods as they encourage plaque build-up. This will make keeping your teeth clean between meals challenging.

Other Ways To Clean Your Teeth Without Using A Toothbrush

In case you are on a weekend getaway and have forgotten to bring along a toothbrush, the following tips can help you keep your teeth clean after a meal:

  • Paper towel: If you are in a place with limited resources, you can try wrapping a paper towel around your finger to lift off plaque from the surface of your teeth.
  • Oil-pulling: This is where you place a teaspoon of olive, coconut or sunflower oil into your mouth and swirl it around. This method not only cleans your teeth, but also helps to whiten them.

As you can see, you don’t have to wait until you get home to brush your teeth at the end of a busy day. You can still exercise oral hygiene even while you are on the go. If you have undergone any cosmetic dental procedures recently, it is best to seek the advice of your dentist on how to manage daily oral hygiene.

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