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Tips For Enhancing Your Teeth Whitening Experience

teeth whitening experience

Teeth whitening can do wonders for teeth which are discolored and stained. However, below are some additional tips which will ensure that you get the most out of the procedure both before and after it.

Find Out If Your Teeth Qualify For Whitening

Not every patient is suitable teeth for whitening.  This is because certain health or dental issues may prevent some patients from receiving treatment. Examples include women who are pregnant or breastfeeding babies, patients who are sensitive to light, and individuals who have medical conditions such as melanoma, diabetes, heart disease, or patients taking medications for chemotherapy. Additionally, those with overly sensitive teeth or who suffering from advanced gum disease such as periodontitis may also be unsuitable.

Make Sure You Don’t Have Sensitive Teeth or Ulcers

Bleaching gel is used for teeth whitening, which means there is a possibility it will reach the ulcer if it’s present. When this happens you will experience considerable discomfort, which is also the case for teeth which is sensitive. Be sure to get both of these issues resolved before performing teeth whitening.

Be Sure To Use The Restroom Before The Procedure Begins

Teeth whitening will require you to remain immobile for approximately sixty minutes, perhaps longer. As such, the last thing you want is to interrupt the dentist during the operation for a bathroom break, so be sure to use it before the procedure starts and or minimize your consumption of fluids before it begins.

Bring Vaseline And Lip Balm Or Ask The Dentist For It

Teeth whitening requires your mouth to remain opened for an hour or so, and during the treatment your lips are likely to become dry as a result. Bring along some Vaseline or lip balm so that you can lubricate your lips which will make them feel more comfortable.

Watch Videos Or Listen To Music During The Procedure

Some dental offices may have videos or music you can watch or listen to, and if not you can always bring your own. This will make the teeth whitening experience even more pleasant and the time will pass much faster.

Keep An Open Mind Regarding The Outcome

Before receiving treatment, it is important to speak with the dentist about the different shades that are available when your teeth are whitened, as well as the number of cycles that you must undergo. It is important to remember that lighter shades will require additional treatment cycles, and although this will make your teeth whiter, it also increases the chances of them developing sensitivity.

Teeth don’t all respond to whitening in the same way.  Those which have become discolored as a result of medication won’t lighten to the same extent as those which have brownish or yellow stains. Furthermore, the outcome of teeth whitening will be shortened if you consume beverages such as tea, red wine or coffee, or if you eat certain types of foods.