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These Food Items Can Discolor Teeth

Sparkling white teeth are at the center of a perfect smile. We all desire to have this sparkle in our teeth but often, we have to deal with teeth discoloration. There are many factors that can lead to teeth discoloration and food is one of the leading causes. Here are some of the food items that can lead to discolored teeth.


Coffee is a common beverage that is consumed around the world. The dark coloration of coffee can leave permanent stains on our teeth. This is especially because we often consume coffee after we brush our teeth and this means we never get the chance to clean off any coffee residue from our enamel. You can reduce some of the negative effects of coffee on your teeth by adding a little milk to your coffee.


Tea contains a family of compounds known as tannins that stain the enamel on the teeth. The degree of staining depends a lot on the type of tea that we choose to take. Green tea has fewer tannins than black tea. For this reason, try to take more green tea as much as possible.


Soda and other colored sugary drinks are not only bad for your overall health but also can easily stain your teeth. These kinds of drinks contain both sugar and acid which weaken your enamel and the coloring in the drinks sets on the teeth. It is probably a good idea to avoid taking these kinds of drinks altogether to avoid gum disease. When you absolutely have to take one, choose clear drinks over colored drinks as they are unlikely to leave stains.


People who like to take popsicles may have noticed that they often leave a stain on the tongue and lips. This coloring also lands on the teeth and over time, leads to permanent stains.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is great for flavoring food but using a lot of it in food will leave marks on your teeth. You can still use it in food but avoid putting too much of it in your dishes. You can also opt for lighter soy sauce which is less likely to stain your teeth than the darker variety.

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is used for salad dressing and is a healthy alternative to other forms of salad dressing. However, it can permanently stain your teeth and its acidic nature makes it adhere to teeth more easily. Just like soy sauce, always look for lighter varieties of balsamic vinegar and use it sparingly in your food.

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