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The Relationship Between Gut and Oral Health

Bad breath, a feeling of sluggishness and indigestion are related symptoms which suggest problems with gut and oral health. Researchers have also established a connection between gut health and oral hygiene. If one is compromised, it almost certainly means the other is as well.

How The Gut And Mouth Work In Tandem

The mouth is connected to the gut microbiome, and both nutrients, microbes and enzymes have to pass through to reach the gut. They interact with each other constantly, so if you have trouble with digestion, this can cause problems with oral hygiene.  In a healthy individual, the gut microbiome will have control over most of the body’s organs and their processes. It is best thought of as a processing plant for food; where meals will be broken down, nutrients will be absorbed, and waste will be sent out for disposal.

Proper digestion relies on a large number of microbes that reside in the gut, and food is used for the purpose of maintaining the digestive cells. These cells in turn work with the bacteria in the intestine and communicate with the immune system. When a lack of balance occurs among gut bacteria, this will result in both the immune and digestive system suffering as well.

Within the mouth, problems caused by the gut may manifest themselves with a tongue that is swollen or red, patches on the gums which are flat or red, and painful lesions. A swollen tongue frequently occurs in a person who is not getting sufficient vitamin B or folic acid, and the lesions result from being deficient in vitamin B12. Gut health problems can also lead to the appearance of ulcers or gums which are inflamed.

Bacteria In The Intestine Can Produce Inflammation

The digestive system is responsible for managing incoming food and the gut microbiome. Should the gut microbiomes suffer an imbalance, the immune system will be disrupted, and you will begin experiencing a variety of ailments, such as allergies, metabolic syndromes and digestive problems. The digestive system transmits immune cells throughout the body and can detect inflammation via markers which are found in your blood. In a healthy person, the gut bacteria will stop excessive inflammation, but should they falter, this is when digestive issues will occur.

A Healthy Mouth Leads To A Healthy Gut

The gut lining, immune system and microbes should not been seen as separate entities, but should instead be regarded as interconnected parts. The efficiency with which they work together will determine your gut health, which will determine your dental health. Any issues involving bacteria in the intestines should be taken seriously as it can lead to a number of diseases. When dentists see their patients they have a tendency to focus on the mouth, but inquiring about the gut health of the patient is equally important, as it can help identify potential problems.

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