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The Best Diet For Cavity Prevention

To a large extent, our health and vitality are a result of environmental factors and the habits we practice on a daily basis. Put another way, the health choices you make each day can activate some genes while switching off others. While certain foods will activate good genes, others will promote stress, the storage of fat, illness and inflammation. To prevent cavities, it is important to pay close attention to what you consume.

Breakfast Should Be Savory, Not Sweet

A lot of people eat breakfast foods and beverages which are rich in sugar, such as pancakes with syrup, cereal, coffee, croissants, juice and bread. The trouble with sugar is that it disrupts the ability of the body to naturally clean the teeth. It is the combination of bacteria, pH and sugar which contribute to the cavities and tooth decay. A savory breakfast consists of things such as fat, carbs and proteins.

By eating such food, you will gain three key benefits, which are superior mental clarity and concentration, enhanced mood, and a boost of energy during the day. In addition to cereal and pancakes, other common breakfast foods which should be avoided include bagels, muffins, oatmeal and jelly. These foods encourage the growth of cavities and can accelerate tooth decay. One of the best alternatives is none other than soup.

Why Soup Makes Such An Outstanding Breakfast

Soup has a number of key advantages which make it perfect for breakfast and the prevention of cavities. First, it will nourish you. Second, it can be prepared quickly, which makes it ideal for those who are busy and have hectic work schedules. Third, it is completely free of both caffeine and sugar. Good dentists have recommended soup to their patients for years, and it has been discovered that not only was it able to prevent tooth decay in them, but in some instances was also capable of reversing it.

Experiments were conducted in which patients, usually children with tooth decay, would be given a hearty stew each day which was rich in cod oil, butter and milk with biscuits that were prepared from wheat which was freshly ground. As time passed the dental health of the children begin to improve. The best soups are made from ingredients which are grown locally, with a vegetable stock that is rich.

Soup is easy to make, and it is also simple to store. You can make a large pot and then place it into containers so it can be frozen for later use. When preparing supper you can add things such as beans, seasoning, meat and it can be eaten over the course of a few days. Your dental health will depend to heavily on what you put into your body. While it isn’t necessary to give up sugar completely, it should only be eaten sparingly, especially as the first meal of the day.

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